Easy Blog Networks Pricing And How Check If Your Domain Is Toxic

Hey, In this post we are going to take a look at the pricing and cost-wise of what Easy Blog Networks charge per website hosting with them.

We will cover the plans and go over which will be the best option for your PBN network.

If you landed on this page and haven’t got Easyblog networks hosting or not sure who they yet. Click on the link below to see customer reviews and opinions on why you should consider them for your private blog network.

Easy Blog Networks Pricing Guide

With 10 plans to choose from starting at the very basic mini-plan all the way up to serious PBN builders.

As you go up in the number of websites you need to host for the dear but cheaper the plans are.

When you first sign up you can choose the mini-plan just to get things going if you are new or just want to dip the toe in the water and try them out before moving everything.

Easyblognetworks pricing goes on the number of domains you have hosted them with them. I personally use the Webmaster plan which caters up to 40 PBN’s which equals out to around $2.48 per blog.

That is pretty cheap considering they look after everything.

After your free trial has finished you will need to choose a plan. If you haven’t already signed up for your free trial you can claim your 7-day free trial here.

Just click on the plan that best suits you.

A new window will pop up, just enter your email address and click continue.

Just keep following the prompts and once all finished you will have an active live account.

easy blog network pricing


You can upgrade and downgrade your plan so over time you will work out which size plan will be best suited for your network.

If you are new to BPN building or not getting the results you should be with your expired domains, it could be that you are adding toxic blogs to your network system.

Doing all your due diligence and using the tools is good as a guide. The only way you can tell if your newly expired domain is spam is by testing it in Google search console.

Regardless of the metrics, you can still be adding toxic juice to your PBN’s after you have added this blog and linked out to your money site.

Watch the video below for more details