A2 Hosting Vs Greengeeks: Which Is The Best 1 That Suits You?

Hey, Alaica here with another comparison. This one is a Greengeeks Vs A2 hosting. Comparing any two web hosts isn’t an easy affair that is why I’ve decided to make this comparison to help you decide which is the better web hosting for you.

As for hosting and my own personal choices, for all my hosting I use WPX Hosting.

If you want superior hosting, ultra-fast load times with the best and fastest customer support on the net, as well as my number 1 preferred and the Ferrari of web hosting is WPX Hosting... I’ve been using them for quite a while now and I’m more than happy.

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I’ve been using them for a while now and more than happy with the results.

In saying that let’s see how A2 hosting stacks up against Greengeeks in pricing, functionality, and support.

woman sitting with laptopFor those of you who know me you know I’m no tech geek or computer guru, nor that I’m going to claim to be one… so for me telling you all about SSD drives and mySQL, nor try to tell you that you need to have HTTP/2 & PHP 7 latest version and all that other stuff.

Quite frankly, really unless you are a computer tech or really into that stuff, who cares, and is it really relevant for what we do?

All we need to know is:

  • How much does it cost
  • How fast it is
  • Does it have good support
  • And are they safe and secure

Greengeeks Vs A2 Hosting Overview

Greengeeks first founded over 12 years ago and is located in Los Angelas California. Having a global workforce and serving customers from over 150 countries.

With over half a million websites hosted with them and 40,000+ customers and growing Greengeeks hosting also are the industries leader in going green with renewable energy and are setting the standard for the future.

Another thing they have proven is their customer support and we will talk about that just a little bit on.

A2 Hosting started their adventures way back in 2001 in a two-room office in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Now having data centers globally they offer web, WordPress, reseller VPS, and Dedicated hosting. What A2 hosting really pride themself on is 100% customer satisfaction service.

Greengeeks Vs A2 Hosting Plans & pricing

Greengeeks offers a few different hostings:

  • Web Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • VPS Hosting

Their cheapest hosting starts off at $2.95 per month for the Lite plan and the Pro starts at $5.95 which is there most popular plan and the Premium at $11.95 a month.

All plans get a free domain for the first year, free SSL certificate as well with unlimited data transfers and webspace.

The Lite plan is suited for those who only have just one website or just starting out. The other two plans give you unlimited domain hosting where the difference between the pro and premium is the premium has its own dedicated IP.

You can see below the full shared deals on offer by Greengeeks…

Greengeeks VPS hosting starts at $39.95 per month and can only be purchased on a month by month basis whereas their share plans can be taken over the longest is 36-months.

You have 3 plans to choose in the VPS section 2, 4, and 8 GB. The 4 Gb will cost you $59.95 per month and the 8 Gb $109.95 a month.

A2 Hosting also have very similar hosting services where only extra service they can supply you is dedicated hosting.

Their basic shared hosting plan starts $2.99 where normally is $8.99 a month. You got the options of 4 different plans:

  • Start Up
  • Drive
  • Turbo Boost
  • Turbo max

A2 Hosting startup plan gets you hosting for 1 website 100GB of SSD storage unlimited database and a choice of servers from:

  • USA-Michigan
  • USA-Arizona
  • Europe-Amsterdam
  • Asia-Singapore

A2 Hosting doesn’t offer a free domain-like Greengeeks but it’s not a biggy really. I recommend that you purchase your domains from Namecheap or other registrars outside of your hosting provider.

The reason is if you take the free domain and end up hating your choice of hosts and decide to can the plan and move on within the guarantee period.

You will have to pay for the domain. You won’t get the registration fee and cost of it back and most will be a way higher inflated price too, so just read the fine print when with this free domain stuff.

With their VPS hosting you have 3 options and they start at 5 bucks a month for unmanaged entry up to $50 a month for managed VPS hosting for the first month then jumps to $99/month.

The Dedicated hosting has much the same pricing and for more details, it’s best to read all about them here as it’s way to much in-depth using those hostings for the outline of this post.

Uptime Guarantee

Uptime guaranteeGeengeeks and A2 Hosting both uses the industry-standard guarantee of 99.9%. So hards to split these two-part there.

Obviously the higher the guarantee is to 100% the better and you’ll be as the lower the % the more potential chances your site can be offline for in a given month.

You’ll be pretty hard-pressed in the shared hosting market for a company to offer you a 100% guarantee. Some platforms do offer 99.95 like WPX Hosting.

Is that .05 a big difference. For most people no. It’s not worth any worry or stress. It works out like 15 minutes +or – a few of downtime in a month roughly.

Greengeeks Vs A2 Hosting Support

web host supportHaving good support is one of the main key elements for a good host. A2 Hosting has 24-7 around the clock support by either email, phone, and live chat options. Their response is fast and efficient and has a very extensive knowledge base.

On the other hand, Greengeeks is finally putting its customers first and in doing so are quickly going respect across the hosting community.

They too have live chat, ticket system, phone, and also have a blog and knowledge section that is also very extensive that can help you solve many issues with the need to contact customer support.

Greengeeks Vs A2 Hosting Guarantee

Greengeeks hosting offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on there shared hosting deals, remember that you don’t get a refund on the domain if you took advantage of their free domain at sign up.

A2 Hosting, on the other hand, excels with their refund policy and is open, unlimited by time. You can test ride the services for as long as you need to.

Of course, there are clauses like don’t expect to use the host for 9 months and expect to get 12 months plan refunded. No, they will work out the portion of the time used to the time remaining.

Still pretty good as I know with Siteground once past the 30 days you get nothing.

And of course, if you cancel within the 30 day period you will get all your money back.

A2 Hosting Vs Greengeeks Speed

Web hosting speed is a tricky one because many reviews rave on about site speed and give you all these figures and stats of .450 load speed or this one I got .378 load time.

So what does that all mean, cause most web sites with no pages, images, and a basic home page can achieve fast results and every web site is different

Between you and me it’s all a total wank, but for those who really want to see what speeds and times are I recommend checking this out to see real live testings of site load times in real conditions.

If page load times is a huge factor for you choosing a web host then straight up neither of these will give you complete satisfaction. If that is what you solely after then you need WPX Hosting for that

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Greengeeks Vs A2 Hosting Ease Of Use

Both Greengeeks and A2 Hosting use industry-standard cPanel making it both user friendly for newbies and experienced webmasters.

Each offer many plugging to choose from and content management systems you can choose from:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magento

If you’re not familiar with cPanel it’s pretty much the standard across most shared hosting platforms across the world.

Both platforms offer free SSL certificates for security as well as free CDN Cloudflare to ensure sites will always stay fast and responsive.

With the 1-click WordPress installation and plug-ins at your fingertips, the need for coding or the need to know HTML is not existent.

This does happen by mistakes and nothing worse waking up and your site is gone, wiped without a trace. Thankfully both Greengeeks and A2 Hosting offer free daily backups that help to protect you from hardware failure or accidental erasure.


Both A2 Hosting and Greengeeks are an excellent choice for your web site hosting services. They’re both fast, reliable and have many options to suit any of your web hosting solutions.

Deciding on which is the better web host for you is a personal matter and preferences.

However, I personally recommend Greengeeks as my best-shared hosting provider due to its versatile features, ever-improving customer support services.

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