Understanding Key Domain Metrics For Private Blog Networks(PBN)

When you are looking to buy a new domain for your private network, there are a few metrics that you need to check to ensure you are going to get as much bang for the buck as possible.

You don’t want to splash money on a domain only later to realize that it’s not as powerful as you thought.

So before you buy any domain, always use your due diligence and check everything I am about to outline below – not just the key metrics.

Domain Authority (DA)

This is a metric that was developed by Moz as part of their OpenSiteExplorer tool.

It takes a range of metrics into account to give an authority score measuring between 0 and 100. You can learn how it is calculated here.

I generally look for domains that have a DA of 15 or above.

Page Authority (PA)

This is another Moz metric that comes straight out of OpenSiteExplorer.

It also works on a 0-100 point scale which you can read more about here.

Like with DA, I always look for domains with a PA of 15 or above.

Majestic Trust Flow (TF)

Majestic launched the Trust Flow metric to great fanfare and it is a solid indication of how trustworthy the websites that link to you are.

Again this works on a 0-100 scale, the higher the number – the better the Trust Flow. You can learn more about Trust Flow here.

When it comes to TF, I always seek out domains with 15 or above. However, there is another metric to consider alongside TF…

Majestic Citation Flow (CF)

Another metric that was launched at the same time as Majestic Trust Flow was Majestic Citation Flow.

This is based on the strength of the links pointing to your website rather than their trustworthiness which is explained here.

Again I always seek out domains that have a CF of 15 or more. But it is critical that you combine TF with CF to come up with…

Majestic Trust Ratio (TR)

This is the ratio between Majestic’s Trust Flow & Citation Flow figures. Majestic analyzed the top 1 million domains on the internet and found the top 25% domains had an average CF/TF ratio of 1.09

They found that the median average site had a ratio of 1.81 and spammy domains had ratios up to 9.87

So with that said, you want to make sure that the domains you buy for your network have a Trust Ratio between 0 and 1.81.

To calculate this just follow this simple formula-

Citation Flow/Trust Flow = Trust Ratio

Essentially the closer to zero it is, the less spammed it is.

Any domain that is within the 0-1.81 Trust Ratio range is good to go. Any domain that falls outside of that range should be avoided.

Spammed Domain Examples

Take a look at these two domains via Majestic-

Understanding Key Domain Metrics For Private Blog Networks(PBN)

These domains are heavily skewed towards Citation Flow and have a Trust Ratio of 9 and 8.85 respectively.

You do not want to buy these domains as part of your private blog network.

Good Domain Examples

Let’s take a look at another 2 domains via Majestic-

Understanding Key Domain Metrics For Private Blog Networks(PBN)

As you can see the graph is much more balanced and is not weighted to one side or the other like in the spammed domain examples.

These domains both have good Trust Ratio’s of 0.86 and 0.66 which would make them ideal to use as part of your network assuming the domains pass all other checks on this page.

Number Of Backlinks (BL)

Another handy metric to check is the number of backlinks a domain has. If a domain only has 4 links but is very authoritative, there is a high risk it could lose a link and in turn, it’s authority.

Although there is no right or wrong number here, you always want to make sure there is a minimum of 50 links pointing to any domain you purchase. However, there could be exceptions to this rule if you found a gem of a domain with awesome DA, PA, TF, CF and TR.

Number Of Referring Domains (RD)

The number of referring domains is another metric I like to grab.

This is another good indicator of how stable the link profile is. For example, if there are 5,000 BL’s but only 5 RD’s that means that those 5,000 backlinks are spread across just 5 referring domains.

Again there is no right or wrong number here because if you find that golden domain with awesome DA, PA, TF, CF and TR figures this becomes less important.

But when you are starting out try to aim for at least 20 referring domains to ensure the link profile is made up of a diverse range of sources.

Key Metrics Review

So those are the 7 key metrics that you need to consider when buying domains for your private network.

To recap you want domains that meet these metrics-

Important Metrics

  • Domain Authority (DA): 15+
  • Page Authority (PA): 15+
  • Majestic Trust Flow (TF): 15+
  • Majestic Citation Flow (CF): 15+
  • Majestic Trust Ratio (TR): 0-1.81