Web Page Load Speeds: How To Make Your Affiliate Marketing Site Faster Online

Having a website that has slow page loads will lower your ranking in the SERPs and cause your customers to bounce. If you rely on SEO as an affiliate marketer then that is very bad news.

So in this post, we’re going to take a look at how to make your affiliate marketing website load faster online to help increase your SERP rankings.

An increase in the SERPs will give you more traffic, more opt-ins or commissions, whichever your business model structure is.

Did you know that a 1 second delay in page load times will decrease your page views by 11%? That means over 1/10th of your customers will bounce for every second your site is still loading.

 When it comes to making your WordPress website load times increase there are a number of things you can do to increase it.

You can optimize and resize all the images that are uploaded onto your WordPress site. We use https://tinypng.com/ for most of our image resizing and optimizing.

Another thing you can do is remove any unwanted or not needed plugins. Plugins are a great tool but if you have plugins installed just for the sake of it, remove them as they will slow your site down.

Changing over to an optimized theme will score you points too. After changing over from Divi theme we now run this website on Generatepress and our load times jumped by 120% without changing a thing on the site.

But the biggest increase was when we upgrade our hosting which 3x our site speed instantly and today we are going to take a which is the best web hosting to increase your website speed so you can climb back up the SERPs again.

Best And Fastest Website Hosting For Affiliate Blog:

wpx hostingWPX Hosting by far is the pinnacle of web hosting for speed and support. They have been voted as number 1 on both Trustpilot and G2 crowd and are also the only web hosting provider that is recommended by Thrive Themes.

The owners Terry Kyle and Georgi Petrov had these 3 things in mind when they developed WPX Hosting back in 2013.

  1. Must be easy to use for non-tech savvies
  2. To provide you with superior page load speed
  3. Have real 24-7-365 day live chat/ticket support

Designed from the ground up WPX hosting uses the latest high spec SSD servers that provide you with superior page loading speeds that they actually own and not rent as most other platforms only rent or lease.

This gives them full control over the servers to allow them to tweak and test the system to optimize the equipment for ultimate load speed times.

The servers are also deliberately UNDER loaded with accounts and websites to provide you with the ultimate speeds. This allows for the machines to perform very well even under heavy load times and high traffic.

With an easy to use interface which is pretty much drag and drop, you can get much easier than that. You will notice that they have created their own platform instead of using the standard cPanel you maybe use to.

Ease Of Use

Since we are after speed here, the standard cPanel significantly slows the performance of the servers on which it is installed on, this is why the cPanel system was left on the wayside.

There are some features that you will notice from the cPanel though so it’s not entirely completely new.

Customer Support

Customer support is another biggy and needs to be quick, knowledgeable and available around the clock. WPX hosting is the Usain Bolt in customer support. You have the option of live chat or ticket.


Regardless of what your website is about, but as an affiliate marketer you need to be fast with the load times or your customers will bounce right! Matthew Woodward did this ruthless web hosting test with 7 of the top web hostings available on the market today.

As you can see from the test results not only did WPX hosting kick-ass but also outperform some of the more expensive hosting providers, so it goes to show that the more expensive doesn’t always mean it to be better.

Guarantee And Plans

How To Make Affiliate Marketing Website Load Faster OnlineWPX hosting has a 30-day-money back guarantee on all their plans and hosting services.

There is a choice of 3 plans to choose from and they all carry the same features it’s just the size of website allocations and bandwidth that separates them all.

If you want to try out WPX hosting you can use this special coupon code here which will get you 50% OFF

And taking advantage of the 30-day guarantee, if you are not happy with the results you can simply get a full refund no questions asked. And at a discounted rate… you can see why it’s a No-Brainer to try out this awesome web hosting and for FREE

For a full description of the plans, you can click here or click on the blue button below.


Now You Know Some Ways On How To Make Your Affiliate Marketing Website Load Faster Online

There you go, its time for you now to go and speed up your website by using a hosting that is designed to do the job.

WPX hosting has everything that you need that a hosting provider should come with, speed, performance, support, and ease of use.

You can also check out out full review that we have done on WPX Web Hosting.


  • superior page load speed.
  • 24-7 live chat support.
  • Recommended by Thrive Themes.


  • Email passwords are sent by email.
    When you change the password, it is sent by email again. It cannot be avoided. Of course, the emails are not encrypted.


This is just a few ways that will increase your site speed. To see more you can watch this video we made over at Youtube. We have other reviews on other hostings on our homepage you can check out.

Optimizing your images, having a theme that is fast responsive and laying the foundations on the best web hosting will 3x your load speeds.

If you want to take the Ferrari of web hostings for a joy ride click on the image below

WPX Hosting Managed Hosting SSD Plans & Pricing