How to set up hosting for a private blog network

If you are looking to get some PBN hosting and not sure where to start… you need to know How to set up hosting for a private blog network… then this message is just for you here’s why.

I’m going to tell and give the exact steps you need to set up hosting for the private blog network that will leave you with virtually no hosting footprint.

First up I am going to make a few assumptions here and they are:

  1. That you have purchased newly expired domains and have done your own checks
  2. You have set up a persona and purchased the expired domain for your PBN in that name.
  3. You have some knowledge of WordPress and setting up DNS records.

How to set up hosting for a private blog network the right way

Little things matter when you set up web hosting for your PBNs that you can easily stuff up, much like you can when setting up domain registration.

There are a couple of hostings you want to stay right away from and avoid like they have some type of STD.

Avoid SEO Hosting

Look up ‘SEO hosting’ on Google and you will get a ton of results suggesting precisely that.

And what is the main key when building PBNs, low key avoids footprints and keep it private.

And anyone or host that advertises as an SEO Host isn’t really keeping it low key and for me, it’s just asking for Google to come and kick some ass.

At first, they look like a great option because of what’s on offer with heaps of unique C class IP’s and with pretty cheap pricing, but here’s the problem.

Who are the main customers using the services?

Yep, people just like you who are wanting cheap hosting to build private blog networks out on.

Do you see where this is going? I think you do…

How to set up hosting for a private blog network

So all these so-called unique C class IP addresses are now over-crowded with those PBNs and what kind of footprint will that leave, yes a huge one but that’s not the worse of it.

Most of these networks also fail the SOA Record & IP Address Ownership checks.

So when you’re having a look at that host and they advertise as an ‘SEO Host’ – you know what to do now… avoid them

Example SEO Hosts To Avoid


Avoid Reseller Hosting

Knowing how to set up hosting for a private blog network isn’t hard once shown but some trap are using reseller hosting. Reseller hosting is just that. Reselling package shared hosting deals. You, me and anyone else can do this and from our very own basement, selling off shared hosting and start up a hosting business.

Unfortunately, there are many who recommend this is the best way to build PBNs with and one of the most popular is HostNine.

Anything that comes highly recommended on forums, chat sites and blogs runs a high risk of leaving footprints and to me personally, that is a red flag.

On top of that reseller hosting rarely passes the IP Ownership check and you would have to create unique nameservers for every domain.

Yes, using these platforms do make things cheaper and easier to manage, but the risk awards win this hands down. If you want long term and I hope you are using this type of system introduces huge risks that you should not be taking.

Example Reseller Hosts To Avoid

You also don’t want to connect any of your PBN domains to the same account you have your money sites on. So every PBN has it’s own account, own IP and name.

Make sure you keep good records on a spreadsheet as once you start getting 20, 50, 100s of private blogs it can get messy real quick.

Now that you have decided on a host here is where the little things matter.

Never ever use the same host for more than one domain. It’s tempting I know and it’s a PITA setting up these little micro-accounts but you need to have geo-diversity.

If you use the same host every time and they are located say in Texas, that will cause a footprint having all your links coming from the one area.

I hope this is making sense… For more in-depth and a better understanding and a more precise guide see this post here…

Cloud Hosting

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