Is WPX Hosting Best For SEO Blogs

In short yes…WPX hosting is the best web host for SEO bloggers and blogs like and it is the fastest platform out there too.

With WPX hosting you can expect to 3x your site speed when connected to WPX cloud WP CDN platform.

While Google now says that load speeds are being part of the algorithm recent upgrade its any wonder why more bloggers, entrepreneurs, and internet marketers are upping the ante in this cut-throat business.

This is why SEO guru Terry Kyle designed and developed WPX hosting to gain that extra edge over his competitors and not only that, consistently frustrated from the overpriced and underperformance was getting from other platforms.

Who Are WPX Hosting

Wpx hosting formally known as traffic planet hosting changed their names back in 2016 for the simple reasoning of Terry had the hosting simply for his own forum and simply wanted to branch out to bigger larger audiences out beyond Traffic Planet forum.

Why Is WPX Hosting Best For Bloggers And SEO.

Choosing the right web hosting can either make or break your website and business online. Going with the wrong can seriously hurt your business.