Reducing Your Private Blog Networks(PBN) Domain Footprints

Just like your hosting setup can leave a detectable footprint, so can your domains.

I have 3 tips that will remove any kind of traceable footprint from your domains.

Method #1 – Use Different Registrars

Never have all of the domains in your private network hosted with the same registrar. For example, if you have 10 domains in your network that are all registered at GoDaddy – that is a footprint.

Instead, make sure your network is spread across as many different domain registrars as possible to fly under the radar.

Here are some registrars you can use safely-

If you need to find more just do a Google search for domain registrars that allow you to move your domain to them.

Method #2 – Mix up Your Whois Data

When it comes to setting up the Whois data on each of your domains, you have 2 options. Either public whois data or private whois data.

Again you need to have a random mix between private and public whois data – but what is critical is all of the public whois data is 100% unique across your entire network.

You cannot under any circumstances have 2 domains that share even 1 piece of data in the whois record.

To get around this I use this tool to generate fake people and address information. See this video on a complete step guide to do it here.

Then I use that combined with a unique email address (see Method #3) to create completely unique public whois records across my network.

I also use private whois records at random across the network to help keep things mixed up and as natural as possible to ensure no Whois footprint is left behind.

Method #3 – Use Different Email Addresses

You should also make sure every domain uses a different email address that actually works and doesn’t just bounce the mail back.

To get around that you can buy email accounts from somewhere like Fiverr.

These Fiverr services tend to come and go so just search around and buy a mix of email accounts that have lots of different domains.

For example, you don’t want all of the sites in your network to be using addresses – like everything else mix this up as much as possible.

Alternatively, you can buy email accounts (and accounts for all sorts of other things) from-

The Most Important Thing To Remember

Above anything else, the most important thing to remember when building your network is to be completely random. Not just in the hosting you use, but the domains you buy and the sites you build on them.

You always want to be completely random. As long as the domain meets the minimum metrics I have laid out and passes the quality checks – it is good to go.

But you don’t want to have a 10 site network where they all have exactly the same metrics, mix it up as much as possible!

Build the network like you drank a bottle of bourbon but make sure you double-check your work in the morning before you pull the trigger.