Can I Use WPX Hosting With Thrive Themes

WPX Hosting is the only thrive themes hosting provider that is recommended by Shane from Thrive themes


WPX Hosting was first founded in 2013 by an SEO guru Terry Kyle. Terry and his team have designed and built WPX hosting from the ground up and they own not rent or lease the equipment like most other vendors do to have full control.

This enables them to tweak, test and improve the system to maximum performance while maintaining their very good track record of 99.99% uptime services.

You will read in the technical jargon section that Terry guarantees you 99.95% uptime which is the industry standards, but he would rather over-deliver and underestimate.

Over the past 11 months of testing, we have had 100% uptime result and so have many others who are carrying out testings and getting very similar results.

WPX Hosting has 2 data centers that are located in London, as of May 2017, and the other is US location in the world’s largest server center: Chicago’s Lakeside Datacenter!

Having over 20+ endpoints for their WP Cloud CDN around the world and growing so it doesn’t matter if your customer is in Berlin, Sydney, Johannesburg, or Tokyo, they’ll see your blog content from a fast local server and not from the other side of the world.


wpx hostingWPX Hosting has three plans to choose from and depending on your needs and size of your websites will determine which plan to take out.

If you are like us and have many websites but have only a few really important money sites, and uses Thrive themes and Thrive Architect the Business plan will be ample.

You get 5 websites included in the package, also included is 10 GB of storage and 100 GB of bandwidth. The Business plan starts at only $20.83 per month when taken out over the 12-month plan.

They do offer monthly deals but is a more expensive doing it this way and don’t recommend it if possible. To help you out click on the blue link below and that will give you 25% OFF on your first month which makes it a cheap ordeal to take for a test ride and find out how good it really is.

The Professional and Elite plans have 15 and 35 website hostings and the Professional has 20 Gb of storage whereas the Elite plan has 40 Gb

Bandwidth for these two are Professional has 200 Gb while Elite is unlimited.


When it comes to customer support, WPX Worpdress Hosting from my own experiences after test riding several hosting platforms over the years is by far world leaders.

WPX Hosting offers you 24/7/365 days of the year live support.  There are two options either by the ticket system and the live chat option.

They don’t support phone But live chat support is lightning fast, If you do have a problem or query with your services, you can expect to be in touch with a WPX WordPress hosting expert in mere moments.

WPX Hosting Review - Support

The live chat support is instant as soon as you land on the page and you don’t even have to log in for support.

WPX Hosting Review - Live Chat

Not only have you got 24-7 support on tap there is a wealth of knowledge, how-tos, and tutorials under the knowledge base section.

WPX Hosting Review - Knowledge Base

WPX Hosting compensates for the lack of phone support with ultra-fast live chat and ticket options. If that’s not good enough, you can find tutorials and help in its knowledge base.


If you want the Ferrari in web hosting then you have just found it and this is why Shane from Thrive Theme builder uses WPX Hosting with thrive architect for all their web hosting Thrive needs.

WPX Hosting has made a name for its self thanks to its site load speeds, customer services and ease of use which we will talk about in a minute.

No matter where you look, you’ll find WPX hosting on the top or not very far from it when you start talking site load speeds and who to go with.

As you already know, slow site load speeds mean drop in traffic which therefore leads to a drop in traffic.

From almost instantly swapping over to WPX Hosting you will notice the difference in load speed. When I changed I had a 300% increase in load times and my times went from 9.15 seconds to consistently under 2 seconds.

Its a WordPress site with Thrive Themes installed and heavily loaded with images and videos. I could tidy it up and get the speeds lower by fully optimizing the images but hey I’m happy with the site atm.

Ease Of Use

WPX Hosting uses its very own designed custom panel which does contain many of the functions that you see on the industry-standard c-panel system but in a way that is more usable, navigable and technically superior formating.

Not only that we are after all speed here is the main factor and a cPanel significantly slows your website performance down of servers on which it is installed on.

So since speed is the elements here c-Panel platforms are not your friend here, and if you are in a cut throat niche where site load speeds of milliseconds can man the difference of the first page to the second page, I know who I’m choosing.

Below are screenshots of the main Hosting Panel pages of the platform. You will see the same menus in your own account, though with some minor individual differences.

Here is the primary Service Details page, covering basic, but essential, details:

The Main Menu of our Hosting Panel

In the Databases menu, you can view important details related to each websites’ databases:

Access Database info from this menu

You can access your E-mail boxes and settings from this menu:

Access your Email Boxes here

Find your FTP Users details from this menu:

Access FTP details here

You can view and Edit DNS settings from this menu:

Simple DNS Zone editing here

You can also access our File Manager from here:

Can I Use WPX Hosting With Thrive Themes

Our nifty Backup Manager can be accessed from this menu:

Find your Backup Manager under your Hosting Panel menu


Overall WPX Hosting will increase your page load speed without a doubt and how much will entirely depend on many factors, plugins, images compressed videos format etc etc.

This is the quickest way to 3x your site’s speed and for free without doing much at all. If you are Thrive themes lovers like us (not on this site tho) you will really appreciate the speed and load times you will achieve within minutes from changing over to WPX Hosting.

Use this special promo offer code and give it a test drive this 50% off the first month. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee so it makes it a no-brainer.

Can I Use WPX Hosting With Thrive Themes