What is a good web host for private blog networks

If you are a budding webmaster who wants that extra edge over your competition… if looking to build out your own private blog networks and want to know what is a good web host to use for them… then this message is just for you. Here’s why…

Choosing a web hosting platform to host your PBNs isn’t difficult by any means.

the criteria don’t have to have the same qualities as your money site hosting, they are only to host pbns

Below is a list of 10 different Webhosting providers that will work quite well for you and your network

These are in no exact order of rankings.










A2 Hosting

This is just a small list of the number of different providers on the market for web hosting.

The host is part of it but the main concerns you need to worry about and take care of is not leaving footprints everywhere.

What I mean with footprints you ask.

Footprints will be the death of your network empire.

Here is a quick guide on web hosting footprints:

it is absolutely critical that you do not leave any kind of footprint across your network.

This can be quite tricky to wrap your head around if you’re new to this but whether seasoned pro or newbie – you should always run through this list of footprint. This is just for web hosting alone

I’ve caught myself out on more than a few occasions so always run a footprint check on every site you build.

Hosting Footprints

  • Diversify Hosts – Use a different host for each site in your PBN.
  • Avoid SEO/Reseller Hosting – Avoid SEO/Reseller hosting like the plague.
  • Unique C Class – Make sure no 2 sites in your private blog network use the same C class.
  • 1 Site Per IP – Never have 2 sites with an identical IP.
  • Unique Nameservers – Never have 2 sites with the same nameservers.
  • Check SOA Records – Always check SOA records for leaked information like an email address.
  • Check IP Ownership – Check which company the IP address is registered to, mix this up.

That is a lot to think about when setting up your hosting. And that is just to host your private blog network without domain checks, building the site out and setting up personas.

Want A More Easier Simpler Way?

Another option if you think all that is hard work above, to which it can be very overwhelming. Setting up the accounts for each PBN you want to build.

Just think, if you are going to build let us say 10 PBNs. That is 10 different web hosting accounts, using 10 different names, etc you get the point.

A cloud base web hosting platform might be your best choice then.

Here’s what I now use and it could be a good fit for you too.

LaunchCDN Can Solve Your Problem

I’ve got the answer that works. Here’s the story:

I too was using all those hosting providers. Making up small 1 site accounts and hostings. When I first started I was pretty slap-happy about it all too.

Not keeping good records, log in details, when hosting or domains were coming up for renewal. Things like that.

Just like every business having good documentation is a necessity, especially when you have Google watching you all the time.

Then one day, in a private Facebook group I’m in. A few of them were talking about a new cloud base platform called LaunchCDN

From those who have been using and tested the platform, the results have been really great, so I decided to check them out myself.

Launch CDN has literally changed the PBN hosting for the better. You see, you can have all your eggs under the one roof…not having to have multiple web hosting accounts scattered all over the place all in different names.

It Worked For These People, And It Will Work For You

“I’ve been using LaunchCDN for over 12-months now and I think it’s hands-down my favorite service for hosting PBNs, it’s the simplicity of the dashboard that does it for me… And being able to use HTTPS with a simple click, big thumbs up!” Tom D

“I really love LaunchCDN! Your customer service is honestly one of the best I have dealt with, made things super easy for me” Lennart D

“LaunchCDN is simplicity on steroids. Gone are the days of dealing with overpriced hosting services. Sure the most popular big services will offer you a teaser rate for the first year or two and then hammer your wallet on renewal. I moved twice before I discovered LaunchCDN. My only complaint is with me not finding them sooner. There is a saying, fast, good or cheap, pick any two. With them, you will get all three. My developer had our sites transferred quickly and not a single moment of trouble. Money and headaches saved. 5-Star!” Mark H.

Finally, It’s Your Turn

When you sign up to Seekahost today you will get the keys to…

  • A one-stop shop safe web hosting for all your private blog networks
  • 5 domains for$5-day special trial with absolutely no risk to you at all
  • More time to build your business and not worry about leaving web hosting footprints
  • Not have to worry about backups and updates as Launchcdn  do it all for you

It all comes the part of the complete package that’s on offers to there customers.

And you are 100% safe to try this out. That’s all I’m suggesting. Just try out how easy and simple it is to use the platform, give the 1-click WordPress install a run to see if it’s a good fit for you.

If it does, you’ll be delighted – and I think that’s exactly what’s about to happen.

If for some reason you’re not delighted with how easy and simple it is looking after all your PBNs in the one place, the amount of time you are saving, and the hassles of hosting sites, then just let the support crew know in the 30 day period and you’ll get your money back.

It’s Decision Time

You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that will lead. No rankings, No sales, No money, No business. Is that really where you want to go? Take a new action, and get a new result.

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