What is PBN hosting and how to do it properly

There are many types of web hosting on the market today. From shared hosting, dedicated, cloud base just to name a few. Anyone of these types of hostings can be used for PBN but what the main type of hosting that is used is shared hosting.

Shared hosting is the cheapest hosting compared to cloud hosting, dedicated or Virtual private server (VPS) hosting or dedicated server hosting.

This making them more viable for what we use them for as private blog network hostings.

PBN hosting is nothing more than using standard share hosting deals that you can get from like Greengeek, Siteground, Bluehost and hundreds of others on the market today.

One word of warning tho. Not all hosts are the same and there are two majors you want to avoid like the plague.

Avoid SEO Hosting

Get online and do a Google search on ‘SEO hosting’ you will find a ton of results offering exactly that.

If a host advertises itself on the world wide web as an ‘SEO Host’ is just asking for trouble and pretty much painting a bullseye on themself and telling Google to look at me.

It all looks good on the outside, offering hundreds of unique C class IP addresses at a low price and for most newbies, this looks good.


Here is where the problem lays:

Picture this, these SEO hosting companies precisely aim for people in the SEO world who are looking to build private blog networks.

So all of their ‘unique C class’ IP’s are jam-packed with private blog networks.

This in itself leaves a detectable footprint for Google to find and ‘SEO hosts’ are regularly targeted by Google.

But that isn’t the main problem, most of these networks also fail the SOA Record & IP Address Ownership checks.

So if when you’re checking out a host they advertise themselves as an ‘SEO Host’ – avoid them.

Example SEO Hosts To Avoid

Avoid Reseller Hosting

You may have come across reseller hostings before. Totally different to SEO hosting were resellers are doing that. Selling shared hosting. They may offer PBN services and using resell shared hosting which is much more expensive.

It’s an option and many recommend it to build PBNs with and a very popular platform I see often is HostNine.

As with building PBNs, we want to keep risk to a minimum and by using a reseller it introducers a lot of risk through footprints.

Straight up, HostNine is deeply suggested many SEO forums & blogs, that for me personally is a red flag.

On top of that reseller hosting rarely passes the IP Ownership check and you would have to create unique nameservers for every domain.

Granted reseller hosting (and SEO hosts) do make things a lot easier to manage and a bit cheaper, but they introduce huge risks that you should not be taking.

Example Reseller Hosts To Avoid

Make sure you grab my list of domain hosts that you can use

Making your PBNs fly under the radar is easy providing you follow a plan.

To get more from your PBN network or if you are just dipping the toes in at the moment and trying to make your own, then this might be worth a read. It’s about how to build a PBN from the very start