Is WPX Hosting a Shared Hosting Service


Hi, Is WPX Hosting a shared hosting service, or are they just a managed hosting service

by Amy
(Miami, FL USA)


Hi Amy,

Thank you for your question.

WPX Web Hosting is a shared hosting platform, but how they differ from standard shared hosting is every website has its own virtual machine with its own resources.

You can also say they are a managed WordPress hosting company that looks after everything security and server-wise.

Unlike most other shared hosting plans where you are sharing a server that’s jammed-packed with 100’s of other users just like you, all competing for the same bandwidth and speed.

WPX Hosting, on the other hand, is the world’s FASTEST WordPress CDN cloud hosting solution and one of the cheapest dedicated managed cloud options available.

Shared cloud hosting is seen as a much better option for small businesses, professional webmasters, and websites that have or get more than 1000 visitors or more a day.

You will also find that you will get better security protection and faster load times.

WPX Hosting prides itself on still being the fastest dedicated WordPress hosting across many sectors in real-live tests seen here.

Not only do you get much more security, but cloud hosting will also give your website faster load times and page speed, which will increase your rankings in the SERPs.

Since Google uses load times as a ranking factor in their algorithm, and if you’re relying on page rankings, it makes sense to try using the best tools for the job.

Like everything, there is always a payoff. Cloud hosting is normally dearer than your standard shared hosting plans. Take this example of WPX Hosting pricing and Siteground.

The normal retail for the Sitegrounds startup plan is $9.95 per month. With it, you get 1 domain hosting, with 10 GB of storage and a capped 10,000 monthly visitors.

By the way, they don’t hesitate either to disable your account if you exceed their daily average bandwidth usage or visitor usage, so just bear that in mind too.

So if you have two websites you will need to take out their next plan which is the Growbig plan at $14.95 a month. At least you get unlimited domain hosting but you get only 25,000 monthly visitors.

So if you’ve got two well-ranking websites that are doing more than 501 visitors each or more a day that will put you over the limits and will either have to upgrade to the Grow geek plan at close to 30 bucks a month or run the risk of having your account disabled.

Where WPX Hosting standard Business plan at only $20.83 a month on the yearly plan will get you 5 websites available to host on the plan, 10 GB of storage, and 100 GB of bandwidth.

And you also get the Fastest Managed CDN cloud hosting that is dedicated to optimum speed and performance for your WordPress website.

If you want to know if you need shared hosting or managed shared hosting Amy, this post here will give you more in-depth between the two and will help you to decide.

WPX Hosting has been voted #1 by both G2 Crowd and Trustpilot, highly recommended by Matthew Woodward, Shane from Thrive themes, and Matt Diggity.

If your little worried that they’re not suited for your website, it’s ok they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. So you are pretty much 100% risk-free to give them ago.

Also, they offer you free site migration for all your sites regardless of how many you have.

So bottom line, yes WPX Hosting is a shared hosting service, dedicated to WordPress that has taken standard shared hosting to the next level.

I hope this helps you out.

If you are still interested and want to give them a go, you can save even more money by using the link below for an awesome deal.

I also want to add that my #1 web hosting for all my money sites is WPX Hosting. WPX Hosting is a dedicated WordPress hosting platform.

I’ve been using now for quite a while now and I’m more than happy with the performance and services.