Easy Blog Networks: Is This The Right PBN Hosting For You?

If you are looking for a web hosting that is made just for PBN’s… if you’re sick and tired of making all these makeshift web hosting accounts… if you want a simpler, easier way to host your PBNs then Easy Blog Networks is just for you. Here’s why…

You can now finally have all of your private blog networks if choose so under the one banner without the hassle, stress and upkeep of having micro web hosting accounts scattered here, there and everywhere which will save you time, money and be worried free

And there is a cost to not dealing with this…

If You Don’t Do Something About It, It Just Gets Worse

What most do when first start out making their PBN empire is to follow guidance from free forums, post and youtube videos telling that you have to have an account for each and every domain set for PBN use.

While this is true in a way, its not set in concrete to follow

are going to take a look at a web hosting company called Easy Blog Networks which has become very popular hosting among PBN builders.

While there are many outstanding websites hosting currently on the market, no other brand has been listed as the best web site hosting for pbn users than EBN.

After years of testing different hosting and strategies, none other than easy blog network has made hosting and using pbn’s much simpler, and in this review, you are going to find out why.

We will walk you through the pros and cons using this web hosting and also take a look at some of the reviews from others who are using ebn.

This will allow you to see what people are saying about this product that has purchased so you can have a real look at what you get your money.

NOTE: if you have landed on this page by mistake or if you are not looking to read a full review on Easy Blog Networks – then click on this link and go straight through to their official website where you will be able to see the product page directly, all the features and you will also be able to read the customer reviews of this product.

If you are still with us Read on to get a full review of the best PBN hosting on the market Easy Blog Network

Easy blog networks or EBN for short is currently one of the best web hostings for those who are into the private blog network making.

EBN is a brand under Niteo company that has independently been marketing and bringing to you a world-class cloud base web hosting that leaves little to NO footprints which is one of the main keys to building PBN’s and hiding from big G.

What to Expect

The best thing you can do when creating pbn’s is to lose them in the forest so to speak.

Easy blog networks only do one thing and one thing only, host websites for you in multi places to eliminate footprints in your private blog network system.

You can expect great service as they are purely customer relations focus.

Different IP addresses from different hosting providers which is a must when performing this kind of action.

Easy and simple setups with second to none support.

Features of Easy Blog Network

Below are some of the main features that you will get when hosting with easy blog networks

  • Host Your PBN on The Best Cloud Hosting Providers

Easy Blog Network ReviewTo eliminate getting your websites deindexed from Google is to hide them and not leave footprints for the spiders to follow. This is why you need to have different IP addresses and Easy Blog Networks do this with your site.

Your sites are placed on various A-, B- & C-Block IPs, in separate data centers and by many hosting companies. This way your private blog network profile looks completely natural.

When you install your blog it automatically gets assigned to a high-quality cloud hosting providers. The system will never assign any two of your blogs to the same IP address.

Once fully installed and uploaded all you have to do then is go to your domain registrar and change the dns records. Each register is the same but different.

  • 1-Click Blog Install and Autopilot Maintenance

Easy Blog Network ReviewOne thing I do love about the easy blog network is how simple and easy they have made it load up your blog site onto the platform.

Just enter the blog name, blog title and blog network and just click the blue add blog and that’s pretty much it.

It doesn’t get any easier than this.

When you load up your new blog you can tick and flick on things before you load it onto the platform.

As you know when making PBN’s randomness is the key and with each blog and easy blog it’s programmed to select a random theme, different plugins, randomized usernames and a Mailbox with a single click.

To completely make things fully randomized, easy blog networks make every website loaded onto their platform unique.

Using a randomized admin username, full name, and email address are just those little things like sprinkling the coconut on top of the cake.

And all you have to do is enter the domain name, the blog title and EBN does the rest.

It really can’t be any easier than that to be up and working with a dominant PBN network in just minutes.

  • 100% FREE blog migrations from any host

Transferring your blogs from one host to another can be a difficult, frustrating, and expensive task. But at Easy Blog Networks, we don’t just manage the whole process for you. We’ll do it. Every bit.

We’ve already transferred thousands of blogs from our competitors’ servers and it’ll be our pleasure to do the same for you.

  • Time-Tested Safety and Low Deindexation Rates



  • Easy interface.
  • Free transfers from other hostings.
  • 1-Click Blog Install and Autopilot Maintenance
  • Low Deindexation Rates.


  • No C-Panel
  • Limited support over weekends.
  • Only supports WordPress

Who Should Buy Easy Blog Networks Hosting?

Easy Blog Network ReviewIf you are looking for an easy to use interface and with a 1-click WordPress install easy blog networks might be just for you.

If you are wanting to build PBN’s, EBN hosting is best suited for this and not for a general blog or money site.

The speed and load times aren’t the best for that and from my experiences, support over the weekend in virtually zero.

What I do like about the product is how easy to install a WordPress site on easy blog network but without a C-panel you are limited to have full control over your site.

Their support is average and most certainly don’t bend over backward to help you out.

EBN does control which plugins can be installed and you will find most of your favorites won’t be allowed on the platform.

Most suited for PBN building but still, there are huge risks doing it this way. You are sharing IP address with others, you do get in a way a choice where your site is located around the place.

I did have quite a few times when my sites were down and how long for is impossible to tell but can certainly tell from when from the traffic stats counter.

Easy Blog Networks does make hosting your PBN’s much easier where everything is located on the one platform.

Instead of using smaller SEO hostings and spreading the love around like having a website with bluehost, siteground, justhost, hostgator and many many more hosting providers you can think of.

All you have to do is sign up with Easy blog networks, have the one account, one payment each month for all the domains you have hosted with them.



Well, there you have my review on EBN hosting. The main thing to take away is if you want to host important money sites, E-comm or affiliate sites I strongly suggest not using easy blog networks platform. They’re built for PBN hosting.

Hey, are you using shared hosting with your money sites?

Are you running high volume traffic, say 10,00 plus a month then this part is just for you…

If you want high-speed web hosting for all your important money of affiliate sites we use and recommend WPX hosting.

WPX hosting has the fastest load speed on the plant, with their very own CDN cloud that they built them selfs from the ground up and is highly recommended by the likes of Matthew Woodward, Franklin Hatchett Matt Diggity for all their website hosting needs.

WPX Web Hosting

wpx webhost best priceWPX hosting is made and designed with one thing in its sites.

To be the best and fastest website hosting on the planet, period.

That was a tough call from a newly founded company back in 2013.

Fast forward today and their reputation has excelled way beyond those thought possible.

Terry Kyle the founder of WPX hosting formerly named traffic planet hosting is a guru SEO and a mathematician in ranking websites to the front page fast and he puts it all down to his company’s ultra-high site speeds and page loads to which Google loves in the algorithm.

Having its very own CDN cloud built from the ground up and actually, own their servers, not leased or rent them like others.

This perfectly fined tuned and tweaked combination will improve your WordPress website speed 3x it is now.

A proven fact that the slower your site speed is the more people bounce away from it and Google sees and don’t like that kind of reaction. Your rankings will drop, your visitors will drop to put simply.


  • High speed load times and 99.98% uptime.
  • Easy to use inhouse interface.
  • Awesome fast 24/7 well knowledged customer support
  • 30-day money back gaurentee


  • Plans are bit costly to start off with at first.
>>Read Our Full Review Here<<

And you are 100% safe to try this out.

That’s all I’m suggesting. Just try out WPX Hosting for 30 days to see if it works for you. If it does, you’ll be delighted – and I think that’s exactly what’s about to happen.  If for some reason you’re not delighted with the increase rankings and faster load times, then just let the support crew know – and you get all your money back.

Providing you are within the 30 day period you will get your money simple and easy. We have more reviews on our homepage if wpx isn’t for you.

Check it out below and see for yourself…

wpx webhosting best price