About Us

Hi there,

And welcome to mtwda.com—Your home for everything website hosting related and where we strive to help you find the right hosting for your site and save some money as well.

Who am I?

Hi there, my name is Alicia Chase, and I’m the resident blogger here on mtwda.com, and I extremely OCD about getting the best stuff at the best possible price.

Other than blogging, I’m in the SEO business and have many years of experience in creating websites for all types.

Not only do I create websites for clients I’m also an affiliate marketer, copywriter and everything I can know and do with PBN’s and hosting.

I got into the online business as a side hustle recommended to me by a friend to help pay the bills, but after college, I decided to pursue it full time.

I’ve worked for and with a variety of companies, organizations, and individuals helping maintain their websites and making sure they had the best they needed for their causes.

Little did I know that it would bloom into the successful online maintenance business that it is today.

What initially started as a side hustle for me, ended up being my primary breadwinner.

With that said, over the years I’ve seen and used my fair share of different web hosts, some good, some excellent and some let’s just say will never ever recommend them to my worse enemy.

All my knowledge, testing and experiences regarding web host is done at shared and cloud hosting level. I’ve never used any dedicated or VPS hosting so at this stage I can’t comment on them.

With PBN hosting you can check out this guide on setting up a PBN from start to finish.

For fast, reliable web hosting I use and recommended WPX Hosting. It’s a managed cloud service and I’ve been using them for quite a while and more than impressed with the results I get.

As for shared hosting my top two are Siteground and Greengeeks. They both have their pro’s and cons. Be sure to check out the side by side comparison for more details

For a cheaper alternative to Siteground or Greengeeks, Dreamhost is worth a look at.

As for PBN hosting, Easy blog networks and LaunchCDN are the main hosts I use these days. Some people still use old school web hosting strategy but I no use these two hosts and saves me a ton of time and headaches.

To host your PBN’s under the one account and not have to worry about footprint LaunchCDN or Easy Blog networks will serve you well.