WPX Hosting Review 2023: An in Depth Analysis of the Product

This is my review of the WPX Hosting October, 2023

If your website is slow loading, has lots of imagery, or gets more than 1000 visitors a day… is the web host you have now keeping you back in the SERPs… are you tired of slow load times, and increasing bounce rates… then WPX Hosting is for you. Here’s why…

In this WPX Hosting Reviews, we are going to take an in-depth look at WPX hosting, which is a very popular web hosting that has been listed as the world’s fastest website hosting for WordPress sites.

We will walk you through the pros and cons of this web hosting, and take a look at customer reviews and opinions from those who use this product.

I also want to say that my number one hosting for all my money sites is WPX Hosting. I’ve been using for quite a while now and I’m more than happy with the performance and reliability.

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WPX website hostings are a late entrant to the website hosting arena that is already being dominated by bigger brands, but their intentions are very clear right from the gecko: to be the best and fastest no matter how many others there are.

Terry Kyle, co-founder of WPX hostings has been in the industry for many years as an SEO guru, PBN builder and website developer.

Over the years of being in the industry, struggling with his own sites, and dealing with underperforming promises from other companies.

This leads him to develop WPX hosting, a dedicated WordPress hosting solution.

The FASTEST website hosting to date.

The response from clients that tested his platform has launched the business to greater heights, and the WPX web hosting shows what can be achieved with determination and putting the client first.

My WPX Hosting Reviews: What to Expect

If you are a serious blogger, affiliate marketer, or entrepreneur, then you will already know the seriousness of having fast and reliable hosting for your website.

Reliability, speed, and customer service should be high on your list when choosing a website host to host your website assets.

You can also expect them to be there 24/7/365 days of the year, just in case things go wrong. Hey, we still don’t live in a perfect world yet!

WPX hosting has done that and some and even have domain names you can purchase and give you FREE Whois Privacy FOREVER On Supported Domains.

Hosting prices, you have a choice of three different plans with the choice of monthly payments or yearly.

With any of these plans, you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee, 99.95% Uptime Guarantee,
1-Click WordPress Installations and that is just a few of the bonuses received.

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What Is WPX Hosting?

WPX web hosting is a super FAST high-speed shared hosting platform to host your website or blog.

Directly used mainly for WordPress sites but can host others like Joomla or alike, bear in mind that the support teams are fully trained for WordPress and don’t offer support outside of it.

Once you have signed up and the website is set up and ready to go then you can start building out your site.

Like most other hostings, the functionality is the same just faster load speeds, A1 24/7 live support team with experienced WordPress support agents.

Unlike others, WPX hosting is made to host sites for the serious.

Regardless if you are:

  • An affiliate marketer
  • Professional webmaster
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business owner

Having a fast and reliable web host is key to your success.

Features of WPX Hosting

Below are some of the features of wpx hosting.

  • High-speed, custom CDN

Want to 3x your website speed for FREE? WPX has there very own cloud custom-built Content Delivery Network (CDN) for short.

Not sure what a CDN is? See everything here about CDN Cloud…

There are dozens of reasons why using the cloud will benefit your website businesses and here are just a few.

Speed: The speed of your site loading times is a huge SEO ranking matter by Google. Proven facts that the slower the site loads the more people bounce. To remain on top of the SERPs average load speed is 2.5 secs.

Using WPX CDN will increase your load speed dramatically. If you have a site that targets global audiences you will see a huge improvement in performance.

WPX test results have shown improvements from 50% to 320%, depending on the website configuration and resources.

SEO: If you are an online entrepreneur regardless of what niche or segmentation you are, you will know the importance of page loading speed on your website.

Google rankings algorithm, especially on mobile devices plays a lot with load speeds. Boosting your load speed will also boost your search traffic.

High-traffic Handling: High-traffic website? WPX cloud can handle upwards of 3x more traffic, this in itself is invaluable for a popular website saving them from lagging or worse, crashing altogether.

  • Speed

WPX Hosting ReviewsWhen those in the space like Matthew Woodward, Matt Diggity, and even ThriveThemes all recommend and use WPX hosting purely for the fantastic speed it brings to their sites.

The ever importance of having fast load speed is a must in our present state where we want everything right now.

Think about it yourself…when you are searching, do you bounce if the page doesn’t load quickly enough for you? If you are like me then that answer is a big YES right?

If you do it on other sites, others will do it to yours if it loads slowly.

Another reason for needing fast hosting is Google and SERP’s ranking. Google sees everything on your site and if people bounce due to slow loads, Google sees this and will drop your hard work down because of it.

  • Customer Service

WPX Hosting ReviewWe don’t live in a perfect world yet and so we still need customer service. WPX strives to be the fastest and best and the customer support rates are up there too.

Having a team that offers you around-the clock no matter where you are in the world or the time WPX Hosting is there for you.

Their qualified and experienced team will bend over backward to give you the highest quality support at the fastest time.

Not only that, it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie and building your very first site or a professional blogger the support is second to none.


WPX website Hosting ReviewsWay back in the early 2016’s the big G started favoring those websites that were equipped with the latest SSL certifications.

WPX hosting sore this movement towards the certification so to offer at the time of writing this all  FREE SSL certificates to their valued customers both old and new.

You will also be protected using enterprise-level DDoS protection by Incapsula and will run malware scans on a daily basis.

WPX will remove any Malware for FREE if your website has been hacked. Just another tick in the box for customer support.

  • FREE Site Migration

WPX web Hosting ReviewsOne of the most common reasons that keep people putting up and staying with their current provider is how difficult it is to move accounts.

Worry no more about that as WPX hosting has your back. They will migrate all your websites from another provider for FREE.

It doesn’t matter if you have a 1 or a 100.

When I say migrating from one server to another this can be a pain in the ass, especially on big sites I mean it.

Never an issue with WPX, and with a FAST turn around they take all the hard work out for you.

Wpx allows 24 hours for the migration to fully take effect but in most cases, the times are well under this time frame from start to finish.


  • Very fast loading times.
  • Responsive 24/7/365 service
  • It can be used on other platforms besides WordPress.
  • FREE WPX CDN Cloud – 3x’s your site speed
  • Easy to follow steps to changing to wpx hosting nameservers


  • Higher priced plans to start off with.

WPX Hosting Plans

WPX Hosting ReviewsWPX hosting has three different plans to choose from and you can select either to pay monthly or yearly.

You will get a better rate of purchasing yearly, in fact, you will get two months FREE when running with the 12-month plan.

If you are just testing the waters or not sure you can sign up and take a test run on a monthly basis and if it suits then you can roll it over to a yearly plan if you like.

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WPX hosting offers you a 30-day no-questions asked money-back guarantee if you are not completely happy for any reason with this product. Terry and the team want you to be happy.


Within the first 30 days of creating your WPX subscription, you may cancel the account via the ‘Cancel’ link inside your account dashboard.

WPX will then quickly refund the full amount paid upon request via the standard form in the ‘Cancel’ section.
IMPORTANT: Once an account is canceled, WPX will deactivate the site/s and account, and all files will be deleted.

See simple and easy

Customer Reviews

Looking at the customer WPX Hosting Reviews and opinions you will find that WPX web hosting is talked about among the top players in the industry all positive.

If you are having people like Matthew Woodward, Shane from Thrive themes, and Matt Diggity recommending and using your products, you are doing something right for them to give a thumbs up.

Those mentioned above are leaders in their fields and their opinions are very heavily rated in the community.

And for your website, whether you are just starting out, or have been in the game for quite some time and simply want the best hosting for it you need to take a serious look at WPX website hosting.

WPX Hosting pricing

You can choose from three plans that are associated with wpx hosting and all the plans include for free;

High-speed, custom CDN ● Unlimited Site Migrations* ● Unlimited SSLs
24/7 Fast-response Support ● Staging Area ● Email ● Manual Backups
DDoS Protection ● Malware Scanning & Removal ● PHP 7.X ● HTTPS/2
30 Day Money-Back ● 28 Day Automatic Backups ● 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
1-Click WordPress Installations ● USA + UK Hosting locations.

Price does change from time to time and quite often there are promo codes and special offers on all WPX hosting pricing plans. As we consistently update this website you can be assured that you will get the latest prices and special offers and bonuses that are on offer when the time comes for you to purchase.

Clicking on the button below will deliver you the latest priced plans and any promo offers that WPX hosting are having.

WPX Hosting Live Chat And Support

WPX Hosting has 24-7 support for all their customers and even for those who are thinking about being a customer.

You can use the free wpx hosting live chat to ask any questions regardless of how advanced or basic it is.

The knowledge and speed of these guys are fantastic and you will happy to know they also have one of the best blogs and knowledgebases full of tutorials, how-tos, and much much more.

Where Can I Buy WPX Hosting Plan?

On our site, we have provided an informed spot for you to read all about WPX hosting, along with offering a reliable place for you to purchase their product.

With other vendors trying to up-sell this product, our aim is to match you with the best prices possible through a safe and affordable option.

If you’ve been searching for a solution with the best price, continue through to our reputable and verified supplier for the best rate!

Our WPX Hosting Reviews Verdict

If you are a serious blogger, or affiliate marketer building an online business or likes and want reliability, fast hosting, and 24/7 support, then we recommend that you go with WPX hosting.

You will get a faster website speed with fewer bounce rates and Google will thank you for it with better rankings in the SERPs.

We’ve done quite a few reviews on other web hosting providers that you can check out on our home page if you are looking for another alternative to WPX Hosting.

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