Website Hosting: Is WPX Hosting Safe For Your WordPress Blog?

WPX hosting is one of the best web hosting platforms on the market today and has dramatically helped thousands of online marketers boost their SERPs rankings and sales… Ranking and speed are one thing… but is WPX hosting safe?

Rest assured we will cover this and many more questions in the article… so keep reading to learn more.

You can use wpx hosting for any WordPress website so it doesn’t matter if you are an affiliate marketer, entrepreneur, or an Amazon affiliate marketer building amazon sites fast web load speed is a must.

For this reason of being the fastest hosting wpx website hosting isn’t the cheapest host on the planet and not the most expensive by any means either.

As with any expensive tools, we want to know if it’s the best fit and if it is safe before purchasing.

So is wpx hosting safe? In short YES. And it’s no surprise why, as you’ll soon learn.

How Does It Work?

WPX hosting uses the latest up-to-date big kick-ass servers that they own not lease or rent like other companies, no they own these and have built and tweaked them from the ground up.

And to make your website even quicker they have created their own cloud called cloud system

So building their very own CDN “content delivery network” it’s like having a mini-server at your doorstep to help load and run your website faster and more efficiently, even from the other side of the world!

The faster your website loads the better bounce rate you will and Google will reward you for that by giving you better rankings in the SERPs.

Who Else Uses WPX Website Hosting?

There are thousands and thousands of online business that relies on the expertise of wpx hosting to speed up their load times.

People like Matthew Woodward, Franklin Hatchett, and Matt Diggity all use this web hosting for all of their main websites and money sites.

To see what they all have to say and what many other customers who are using wpx hosting have to say and to get a full product description, click here and go straight to see them now…

Is It Safe?

If you have ever been hacked online, or broken into doesn’t matter if it’s a home or a car, it feels like in a way being violated…right!

That is why Terry Kyle, founder of traffic planet-hosting now called wpx, because of his own dealings with hackers internet security became a huge factor to make his online assets safe from opportunists like hackers and malware extraordinaire.

And as of today when writing this post, there have been no reports of security breaches.

And in saying that, as we have mentioned above, there are many well-known big names in the industry who use and totally rely on wpx website hosting for their business needs.

Why Some People Many Choose Not To Use WPX Hosting

One of the largest issues that people have with wpx hosting is the price of the plans. Using this hosting isn’t for everyone we get that. It’s not the cheapest hosting on the market by any means but it is the best by far.

You have a selection of three different hosting plans to choose from. All with two different pricing as you can get cheaper rates when going on a 12-month plan over a month-to-month base plan..

Yearly Price

wpx hosting plans

Paid On A Monthly Rate

wpx hosting plan

But if you are serious and want to rank higher in the SERPs over your competition which is what we are all trying to achieve here isn’t it?

Google has stipulated that they are more concentrating on mobile and site speeds as a ranking factor and to be ahead of your competition you need the best and pricing to have it shouldn’t really distract you, as if it helps to rank you #1 it will pay for itself in the first day.

Have a look at what Matt Diggity says below about it.

best voted hosting

So, Should I Give it a Shot?

Of course, unless you don’t want the best tools for your business. In addition to being ranked the #1 fastest web hosting on both G2 Crowd & Trustpilot and the best-rated website hosting in user reviews, the independent testing results prove it.

Well-known blogger Matthew Woodward carried out the ultimate showdown between the top dogs of web hosting and the results will shock you.

Proven tests have proven that not always the dearest product is the best, just take a look at Matthew’s test results and see for yourself.

In addition to being the fastest cloud base website hosting on the planet, wpx also gives you top-of-the-line 24/7 live chat, unlimited FREE SSL certificates which Google loves, and another tick in the box for ranking factors.

WPX Hosting is the only host company in the universe to give Malware removal for free, as well as Domain Privacy, and DDoS Protection too!

To be the best you have to be ahead of the rest and to do this wpx hosting purely focuses on their customer’s needs to be ahead they offered FREE malware removal if your site by any chance had or did get hacked.

Conclusion Regarding Is WPX Hosting Safe?

WPX website hosting is the safest and fastest website hosting on the planet period. That is not just us saying it, check out other customer reviews and see for yourself.

If you are happy to spend weeks, months, or even years working on your website building it up to where you finally want it, and wake up in the morning being hacked or gone altogether for a sake of a few dollars per month then WPX hosting isn’t for you.

But if you want the best protection, on the fastest hosting platform with a company that really cares about its customers then this is for you.

If you are still not quite sure if this tool is right for you you can check it out and give it a test run for 30-days. If you are not happy which I know you will be, just submit a ticket and you will get a full refund with no questions asked.

All you have to do is just click on the image below to get you the best deals and safe hosting for your website today…

best price wpx hosting