Which Is The Best Web Hosting To Use With Ultra Themify Theme To Make Faster Load Page Speeds

If you are looking for a great web hosting not sure which to choose when running the Ultra Themify theme then you are in the right spot.

We will guide you through and tell what we consider to be the best WordPress web hosting to use with the Ultra Thrmify theme.

If you would like to read a full review on our top choice web hosting which is WPX Hosting. They have been dubbed as the fastest web hosting on the market today.

We know that there are many factors to consider when choosing a web hosting and this is why we have included other choices also above our best-recommended hosting provider.

This way you will get a more overview and an in-depth review between them and what you can expect from them.

I will tell you about the features of our top choices, pricing, any deals and the best place you purchase from.

If you are in a hurry or landed on this page by accident, if that is the case you can click here and read our in-depth review on WPX Web hosting which is or top choice overall for all your web hosting needs.

If you would rather go straight through to WPX  Hosting official website where we recommend to purchase from so you get the best direct prices, latest bonus offer and deals. You will also be able to see other customer’s opinions, reviews.

Best Web Hosting To Use With Ultra Themify Theme?

Our 4 Top Choices:

We will now give you a rundown of our top three choices so you can decide which one to go for and also find out the differences between each one!

  1. WPX Web Hosting

wpx hostingThis is our top pick of web hosting for all websites and hosting needs. Proven to be the fastest hosting platform here and well as being voted #1 by G2 Crowd and Trustpilot.

You will also get 24-7 customer support via live chat or ticket. The knowledge and support that the team has are second to none and fast, I shit you not guys, they are the Usain Bolt when time is a factor and our site is broken.

Not only that you will find a whole section in the knowledge base area at your disposal from how-to guides to full-on WordPress tutorials.

WPX Hosting has its very own WP Cloud CDN that they have built from the ground up. With two server locations one in the Uk and others in Chicago USA.

With 20+ endpoints around the world and growing, suck places like Sydney Australia, Berlin, Tokyo.

So doesn’t matter where your customers or clients are located in the world, rest assured that one of wpx’s custom made CDN’s won’t be far away from them.

If you are not sure what a CDM is you can see more about it right here.

Instead of running with the industry-standard cPanel and tests proves that the standard cPanel significantly slows the performance of servers and since WPX Hosting is all about high-speed page loads cPanel is not compatible with their goals.

You have a choice of three plans, see the image below as all plans come standard with these features and unlike others, what you see is what you get. NO behind closed door stuff where you get hit with up-sells, no not with WPX Hosting. What you see is the bottom price you pay period.

w[x hosting plan



  • 24-7 super fast support.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • FREE SLL certificates.


  • To be honst its hard find a downside to WPX Hosting.
  1. SiteGround

siteground pricingSiteground is our second choice for being a great host and is also our top choice over all in the shared hosting catagory. They have built a solid reputation as being one of the best stabled web hosting platforms in the WordPress shared hosting.

Even though they do cloud hosting they’re not dedicated like WPX Hosting are but in saying that their shared hosting does kick some serious butt.

You have a choice of 3 plans, the starter, Growbig and gogeek. The most common and recommended plan is the Growbig plan.

The starter plan is a great choice if you are starting out or ever only going to have just the one website as that is what it is limited to just the one website.

Growbig and Gogeek have unlimited websites and see below in the image the other bonus and features you get with each different plan.

At the time of writing, Sitegound was having a massive sale on and just on the Growbig plan alone, the plan was available for only $5.95 per month where the normal price is $19.95 per month.

That is the lowest we have ever seen it for a long time, so make sure you click on the link below to see if this price is still valid


  • Easy to use interface.
  • 24-7 support.
  • Plans start from as low as $3.95 per month


  • Support can be little slow at times.
  • Cloud hosting is expensive.