What Is The Best Website Hosting For Food And Cooking Blogs & Websites?

best website hosting blog for cooking blog

In this post, we are going to tale a look at three of the best website hosting for cooking and food blogs.

When selecting a web hosting you have look past what today brings and look into the future. Try and picture what and where your website will be.

Will you have multiple websites?

Are you going to build it out to an authority site or keep it small and tight niched?

These are just a few questions you need to ask before dropping a dime down on Webhosting for your cooking website.

You see it’s not worth getting a cheap bottom of the barrel hosting to find out it is only good for one website and you are going to have multiple.

Also, you want a website hosting that is available around the clock for those times of need.

Choosing the right website hosting from the start will save headaches down the track. For a good starting point in what to look for in a web host, you can check out our free guide here

Ok now that you have more insight on what to look for especially after reading that free guide. If you haven’t why not… go now and check it out. I will wait here.

Ya back…sweet!

We have done all the hard work for you and while there are a plethora of hosting vendors on the market, and after many hours sifting through the dirt we have come up with these three website hostings.

Best Website Hosting For Cooking Blog

#1 WPX Hosting

wpx hosting pricing planWPX hosting is a cloud base web hosting that is known in the industry as the Ferrari of website hosting.

When simply you want the best then look no further. Used by well-known professional blogger and SEO guru uses and fully recommend using wpx hosting.

You can see Matthew’s intensive website hosting testing results here all laid out and stacked up against each other.

There is only one clear winner and it is the exact same hosting that Thrive Themes use and recommend for all their hosting websites too.

WPX Hosting pricing plans are dearer than the next two top web hosting because of being dedicated cloud hosting.

Built from the ground up by Terry Kyle and his team, they own the equipment unlike most other vendors rent or lease there.

WPX Cloud WP CDN has been built from the ground up by Terry and man does this thing kick but.

If you’re having load page times and want the easy way to 3x the speed, wpx cloud hosting with its own custom build CDN will blow your socks off.

Take it for a test ride today and for your self.

If you are not happy with the performance (which I know you will be) wpx hosting has a 30-day money-back guarantee and free migration.

>>Read Our Full Review Here<<

#2 Siteground Website Hosting

Our best choice for shared hosting is siteground. They have been providing web hosting to bloggers, entrepreneurs and online businesses since 2004.

Trusted with over 2 million domains and a 98% positive customer satisfaction, you would have to say they’re doing something right.