Bluehost WordPress Hosting Review: Is This The Right Web Host For

On this post we are going to take a look at Bluehost WordPress hosting reviews which is a very popular web hosting for bloggers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and online marketers.

We will take a look at the pros and cons of this product as well and look at some of the customer opinions and reviews.

Also, you will get a final overview and also give you other alternatives if you think Bluehost is the right provider for your website hosting.

If you have landed on this page by accident and not looking to read a full review, you can click here or on the button below to where you will go to Bluehost official website where you can see the product page, all the features and customer testimonials about this product…

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If you are still with us Read on to get a full review of Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Reviews:

Bluehost WordPress Hosting ReviewsThis review isn’t going to be like most others where they go nerdy and tell you about SSL and CDN and all that other stuff to which you don’t really need to worry about.

This review will tell you what you do need to know without all the technical stuff. So if that sounds like what you want then read on…

If you are looking for a good fast shared based web hosting for your WordPress website blog than Bluehost is most certainly worth a look.

They are a well-priced web hosting that has proven them selfs over the years to be among the best with fast speeds, 99.95% uptimes, and 24-7 live chat.

Designed for easy to use and newbies alike and with the 1-click WordPress install they have pretty much have done it, also not to mention that WordPress also recommends Bluehost as a recommended web hosting provider.

Top Features

Features of Bluehost Web Hosting

Below are some of the features of why Bluehost is such a good web hosting platform for your website.

  • Speed:

One thing a web site needs in this day and age to rank well in the SERP’s is fast site load speed. Google has now told us that for SEO rankings load speeds of your site plays into the algorithm rankings.

Having a slow page load will hurt your rankings and positions in the search engines, regardless if you have the best or more informative article over your competition.

Bluehost speeds just on the shared hosting are dynamite. With so many extensive tests been carried out online Bluehost’s speed is on equal par with there competitive that’s for sure.

  • Bluehost Support:

One other key ingredient that is needed in making a good web host to a brilliant one is customer support.

Bluehost offers you full 24-7 365 days a year support, with either Bluehost chat, Bluehost email or call them in-office hours.

Not only do they offer that support the team who you deal with really knows their stuff. And there are even free how-to guides, tutorials, and videos to help you learn more.

  • Easy Installation:

If this is your very first website or just starting off and not sure how to install your site, Bluehost has made this so simple and easy for beginners.

The 1-click WordPress install has made Bluehost beginner-friendly right from the gecko. Within minutes of logging into your account, you can have your website up and live with the easy to use 1-click installation.

  • Bluehost Pricing Plans

Bluehost plans in the shared hostings sector give you a choice of four different plans and they are;

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Reviews

Basic Plan:

The Basic plan is just that, very basic. Best suited for those who are ever going to only have one website. The plan starts off at only $2.95 per month at the time of writing this review on Bluehost down from $7.99 per month.


The next plan up is the Plus plan. For only a couple bucks extra and the extras you get far outways the couple dollars over the basic plan specs. It has all the same standard features as the basic like the free SSL certificate, unmetered bandwidth but that is where it ends in comparison.

As you can see in the table, pretty much unlimited on all the features and at 50% off at the time of writing, this plan is worth a look at that’s for sure. At only $5.45 where normally $10.99 that is a good saving in anyone’s books

Choice Plus:

Now the Choice plan is the plan we recommend at the time of writing this article. Has all the features as the above plans as you can see a few more features.

If you are going to rack up a few websites and want unlimited

  • Unlimited Websites
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Standard Performance
  • Unlimited Domains
  • Unlimited Parked Domains
  • Unlimited Sub Domains
  • Spam Experts
  • Domain Privacy
  • Site Backup – CodeGuard Basic
  • 1 Office 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days

and at the same price as the plus plan. At this price, $5.45 down from $14.99 it will also be staying at our top recommended plan for a long time. And at this price, which is the lowest its ever been, you’ll save a ton of money.  Just make sure to click the link below for the best savings.


Now the Pro plan is the next step up above all the standard shared plans and really unless you are running high traffic sites and want a dedicated IP address and high-performance servers over the standard shared hosting servers then this is for you.

Ideal for large websites, those who have courses and training tutorials things like that.

For a newbie or general blogger, affiliate marketer the Choice plus be a better fit.

But in saying that white the price as the lowest I’ve ever seen it, it is well worth the price. At the time of writing, you can get $10 off bring it down to $13.95 from $23.99

  • Special Features:

All plans come Bluehost SSL certificate, 24-7 live support chat, 1-click WordPress install and 30-day money-back guarantee



  • 24-7 support.
  • Good plan rate pricing.
  • High speeds for shared hosting.
  • FREE domain name for the first year sign up


  • Higher Renewal Rates (Common in Web Hosting Industry)
  • No Free site migration

Bluehost Refund Policy

All Bluehost plans comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you feel that its not the right hosting for your needs bluehost offers a 30 day cancel and refund policy.

Is Bluehost Easy To Use?

Bluehost is so easy to use even a child can do it, no kidding. And because it is so easy, this is why it’s perfect for beginners and newbies.

The easy to use C-panel and 1-click WordPress install all you have to do s click on the icons to get around on the interface.

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Reviews

This is where you have full control and run your entire platform. Access to the email, all the files and folders, access to 1-click install for WordPress, manage your sites and plenty more.

You can move the layout of the icons to suit your own likings. That way you can get quick access to your favorite features.

Bluehost Customer Service

Bluehost gets a lot of mixed reviews from customer service. You will find that the majority of the customers including ourselves have positive experiences with fast, helpful, friendly customer service agents.

And of course, there are always and it doesn’t matter what industry it is, there will always be consumers who get a bad experience.

With Bluehost, reports have been made that some were unable to get the help they needed even with numerous phone calls and live chats.

One of the things I do hate about Bluehost is excessive upselling.

They love to try and sell you add-ons and upgrades. They exist because there are bits that won’t function without them. That is a problem if you are on a tight budget. This is why we prefer siteground over bluehost when stacked against each other.

Where Can I Buy This Product?

Offering an informative review on Bluehost WordPress hosting for SEO, we also wanted to provide a place for you to come and purchase their products easily. We’ve found that vendors tend to raise the prices of their products, despite the market value.

Seeking to pair you with the best prices possible and a dependable avenue to make a purchase, see for yourself the amazing price available from us going direct to the supplier!


if you’re looking for a fantastic WordPress website hosting we highly recommend that you go for Bluehost WordPress Hosting. This is plenty fast enough to suit most bloggers.

If you do want the pinnacle of hostings and going to drive high traffic visits then you will be way better off with cloud hosting.

Cloud hosting will be much faster and the platform we use and recommend is WPX Hosting.

You can get a full overview of the hosting and the latest up to date plan pricing also. This is a premium hosting for serious entrepreneurs.