Greengeeks vs iPage Comparo: And the Winner In 2020 Is…

Got a decision to make between Greengeeks vs iPage for your web hosting solutions… not sure which to go with or if even either of them… then this page is just for you, we’ve put together this Greengeeks vs iPage showdown so you can make a better buying decision.

I’m Alicia Chase and I’m here to help you decide on the best hosting service for your website.

woman sitting with laptopTo make the search easier for you I’ve decided to make some comparisons on some of the best hosting services on the market today.

We’ll be going over Greengeeks vs iPage with all of their pros and cons.

Before we get right into this comparo I want to add that my number one web host provider is WPX hosting

I’ve been using them for a while now and I’m more than satisfied.

Nevertheless, let’s see how iPage stands up against Greengeeks in terms of features and functionality.

Greengeeks vs Page Overview

Whether you’re a business owner or an individual owning a website can be a huge step especially if you don’t know where to begin.

Web hosting service providers are a crucial part of the process,  but failing to implement one that is reliable and relevant to your website can create a real problem.

There are many aspects of hosting a website that you need to know and they differ depending on your individual needs.

Certain aspects are mutual to all web hosting providers that distinguish the good ones from the bad.

Greengeeks hosting holds a reputation on the market as being one of the best alternatives for WordPress hosting.

They provide excellent Security and some of the greatest speeds in the business.

Located Los Angeles, California and founded more than a decade ago in 2008 and ever since it’s been one of the leaders in the hosting industry.

They have just one main office and five data centers around the world.

What the company prides itself on the most is excellent customer service.

It may be even the best in the business.

However, as with any other hosting providers, Greengeeks also has some weaknesses.

We will go over later.

Ipage is a web hosting service provider that dates back all the way to 1998.

The company has the needed experience which is why they’ve remained relevant on the market for all these years.

The company hosts over a million websites on its two data centers which are both located in the USA.

Ipage offers affordable hosting solutions for website owners and their default plans come with many features.

They have a lot of advantages but also several disadvantages compared to Greengeeks.

Greengeeks vs iPageLet’s see how iPage sits in terms of features speed and uptime and other important criteria.

Ipage offers several types of hosting and most of their core plans are well equipped with important features.

The most important ones are their scalable bandwidth, unlimited storage, and free SSL certificates.

They also offer free domain transfer and a whole year without having to pay for a domain.

They do lack some extra features that Green geeks offer.

This provider is cheap, but to get the maximum experience with all of their premium features, you might have to pay for them separately.

Another thing, Ipage uses an alternative version for a control panel called  VDEC  which isn’t as strong as Green geeks C-panel.

Overall the company currently offers four types of Hosting.

Web, VPS, dedicated and WordPress hosting as a comparison Greengeeks offers WordPress Hosting, Drupal Hosting, Joomla Hosting, CMS Hosting, Magento Hosting, PrestaShop Hosting, OpenCart Hosting for an affordable price as well as VPS hosting.

The company’s most praised features are being the industry’s leading eco-friendly web hosting provider putting back 3 times the power we consume into the grid in the form of renewable energy.

Also been featured on PC world, one award for best-shared hosting and several best green web hosting awards.

They also offer everything from free security SSL to e-commerce solution and the host company is excellent both for beginners and experienced website owners.

Geeks shared hosting enables free SSL encryption certificates free Cloudflare CDN, unlimited web space, unlimited data transfer, and regular backups.

They also offer free website builder that’s very easy to use and navigate and customize user-friendly web-based Cpanel.

When in research for a web hosting company you gotta keep a keen eye on the overall performance and reliability of  the service provider.

Otherwise, you could lose potential web site visitors due to bad speeds or sudden website crashes.

Speed and Uptimes

Luckily for you, both Green and iPage rank well in terms of speed and uptime.

Ipage is slightly ahead with an amazing  99.99 percent uptime and Greengeeks is also above the market average with a 99.9 percent uptime.

When it comes to security you won’t make a mistake choosing Greengeeks.

The service provider is loaded with security features.

Most of them included in their price plans for free.

Free SSL Certificates

Greengeeks will automatically protect your website with free daily backup, a free SSL certificate for all your sites as well as their real-time security scanning to always keep your website protected from viruses and malware threats.

Ipage offers enhanced security features,  but the problem is most of these tools come at an extra cost.

For example,  if you want backups either daily or up to several times a day,  you’ll have to pay more money on top of your regular subscription.

Also, iPage offers its site locks support which scans for malware and can protect your website from hackers.

Good customer support is crucial especially if you’re new to this.

you’ll have a lot of questions and not a lot of time to resolve your issues both Greengeeks and iPage has good customer support.

Ipage support is very helpful, although a bit slower than Greengeeks.

If you use their live chat, phone base support or ticketing system the team will try and do their best to give you a thorough and helpful answer to your question.

Also, it’s worth noticing that iPage has great tutorials.

That might help you resolve your issue on your own without even needing to contact customer support.

Greengeeks has pretty much the same features.  They also have phone-based support a live chat ticketing system and an extensive knowledge base where you can find all sorts of information.

The response is very fast and extremely helpful making Greengeeks customer service possibly one of the best on the market.

User Friendly

Ipage definitely a suitable choice for newcomers as most of the features of this hosting provider are simplistic and user-friendly.

Starting from the signup process installation to they’re easy to use  VTech control iPage certainly provides for good user experience.

The same can be said for Greengeeks as well.

The company enables a  fast signup process and is very user-friendly.

What gives Greengeeks clear advantage, in this case, is the Cpanel.

Compared to the Vedek, Cpanel has many more options and it’s more advanced overall.

Ipage, in essence, is most suitable for novices rather than more experienced website owners while Greengeeks is a fitting choice for different types of users.


You can’t go cheaper than iPage.

That’s probably one of their main advantages.

Currently, their cheapest offers start at only $1.99 USD a  month.

Although this is a price for their long-term subscriptions of three years.

If you decide on the shorter subscription the prices go up to $2.99 USD a month for a year plan and $2.49 for a two-year plan per month USD.

Within this price, you get a free domain name, web site builder, free email addresses and SSL certificate.

Also, you get a 30-day refund policy.

Geengeeks prices are more expensive.

Although they offer different pricing plans, depending on the service you require the company has a 30-day refund policy and its prices start at $2.95 per month USD on the three-year plan and $9.95 if pay by the month.

This offer stands for its web, WordPress and woo-commerce hosting Services.

Greengeeks VPS hosting  starts at $39.95 USD a month and there High Powered Managed VPS goes for $109.95 USD a month

It’s difficult to claim which of the two hosting providers is better here both iPage and Greengeeks ranked high on the market, but they have some significant differences.

What’s important is that these two providers are good value for the money and meet their users needs.


Choosing a suitable hosting provider relies on your individual preferences and goals.

However, I personally recommend WPX Hosting

They are my number one hosting provider thanks to its versatile features, flexibility ultra-high speeds and amazing fast support.