How To Make Thrive Theme WordPress Blog Load Faster

There are many ways to help your website load faster and many plugins to help you do it. In saying that plugins are also what helps to slow your site down too.

One of the best and quickest ways to increase page load speed is to use a quality web hosting that is dedicated to bringing you the very best when needed.

In this post, we are going to take a look at one o of the best ways on how to make your Thrive theme WordPress blog load faster.

This will help you to improve your SERP’s as Google uses site load page speed as a ranking factor in the algorithm now. If you rely on sales online think about this; think of how much you are losing with this fact.

Did you know that a 1 second delay in page load times will decrease your page views by 11%? That means over 1/10th of your customers will bounce for every second your site is still loading.

That is basically throwing money down the toilet.

Speeding up your website will increase your load times and therefore will decrease your customer bounce rate, meaning more profits for you…

Today, we are going to take a look at WPX hosting which is the most effective way to speed up your website load times and to help you start ranking higher in the SERPs which will increase your bottom dollar.

How To Make Thrive Theme WordPress Blog Load Faster

WPX Web Hosting

wpx hostingWebsite hosting is the best place to start to increase your load speeds. This is the foundation of your site, the footings on a high rise building, the tires under your SUV, you get the point.

Going for the cheapest bottom of the barrel web hosting will more than likely give you the same bottom of the barrel performance and support.

Standard share hosting plans just don’t cut the mustard when speed and load times come into consideration.

Yer sure they may load fast when things are running smoothly and all the stars above are shining, but if you run high traffic offers, paid advertising or have bulk amounts of SEO traffic flooding your $3.00 per month shared hosting servers at once then check the load page speeds.

WPX Hosting is a dedicate cloud hosting provider that is designed for ultimate WordPress performance. Matthew Woodward carried out this test regarding the top web hostings on the market.

The test was carried out on 3 different WordPress blogs,

  1. Blog Type #1 Image Heavy: Cronus Theme 11 photos 2,000 words
  2. Blog Type #2 Plugin Heavy: Cronus Theme 30 plugins No text/images
  3. Blog Type #3 CloudFlare: Blog Type #1 Plus Free CloudFlare CDN

You can see the results of Matthew’s test here…I will wait, go now and check it out.

Ok, ya back sweet…pretty impressive hey. So now you can see the importance of a hosting that is dedicated to hosting and

So as you can see from those results WPX hosting is a dedicated cloud web hosting provider that is designed, tweaked and tested for the ultimate performances for your WordPress website.

How To Make Thrive Theme WordPress Blog Load FasterThe owners Terry Kyle and Georgi Petrov built WPX hosting from the ground up and they own their equipment, This allows for tweaking and testing to fully optimize so you get the highest load speeds possible.

WPX has 2 servers, 1 in the UK and the other is in the USA. Having built there very own WP cloud CDN and having 20+ endpoints around the world and growing, it doesn’t matter where your customer is located there will be a CDN close by providing lightning-fast load page speeds.

Also, they are deliberately UNDERloaded with accounts and sites allowing them to be fully optimized machines that will perform VERY well under very heavy traffic loads.

WPX Hosting is the pinnacle of web hostings, the Ferrari. The best and going by the results and reviews, it will be staying among the best for quite a long time.

Use this special Coupon Code: B8POX631XVODL and take WPX Hosting for a test ride and get 50% OFF your first month, plus take advantage of the 30-day-money back guarantee offer. You can see why it’s a no brainer option.

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