Quick Guide Regarding Shared WordPress Hosting vs Managed WordPress Hosting

Hey guys and welcome, my name is Alicia and I’m here to help you to decide on which is the best hosting service for you and your website between shared hosting vs WordPress hosting.

So to help you out I’m going to give you an overview between the two different types of hosting, so you have a better understanding which will be the best choice for you.

We will be taking a look at the pros and cons of each.

Before we start I do want to disclose that I may be compensated for some of the products that I may mention throughout my website.

And this is going to help me to make more articles like this in the future as well as bring you some pretty sweet deals.

I also want to add that my #1 web hosting for all my money sites is WPX Hosting. WPX Hosting is a dedicated WordPress hosting platform.

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Shared Hosting vs WordPress Hosting

Whether your a business owner, webmaster, or an individual. Owning a website can be a huge step, especially if you don’t know where to begin.

Web hosting providers are a crucial step to your online business, but failing to implement one that is reliable, relevant, and secure can be a real problem.

Today we will take a look at the differences between shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting.

Whenever you purchase hosting for WordPress you’ll find two options.

One is shared hosting and the second is managed WordPress hosting.

By the end of this, you will understand their differences, cost differences.

Which option is better for you or if it is worth to spend on it.

Also  check what are the best hosting options available.

So before I start I want to tell you there are many companies that sell shared and managed WordPress hosting under the same name.

They change their names because of their marketing strategy.

So like if I talk about Siteground, their shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting are the same.

But for marketing, they have simply just changed the names but you still get the same plans as their standard shared hosting.

And to me, that is a problem when both hostings are sold together under the same banner.

Where you get say A2 Hosting, you find separate options under the WordPress hosting section. Shared WordPress hosting, and managed WordPress hosting.

Even NameCheap has a separate option.

There are many companies that keep it the same.

And there are many companies who keep it different, so you know.

You will have to ask their support customer service, whether it is the same plan or different.

Righto, without any further ado lets, get into the meat.

What are the differences between these two… and which one provides better value for you.

Shared Hosting

Let’s talk about shared hosting first.

Shared hosting means keeping many websites on one server. You take one server and there are 100 websites or more and in that, you get a partition to keep your website on.

Shared hosting is good for beginners, those with low traffic websites and micro-niche websites.

Also good for those one-page website landing pages.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is tweaked for the fast performance of WordPress websites.

Efficient running of the WordPress software.

These certain tweaks are added, extra services are added.

A managed WP hosting can be kept on shared, VPS, cloud, and dedicated hosting.

It depends on company to company, as to where they have kept their hosting.

That is why you will find so many price variations in managed WordPress hosting.

You can find it for $5 a month, $50 bucks a month, and even higher.

This is due to the fact that they have taken shared hosting or cloud hosting, so you will find price fluctuations.

So now I’m going to compare shared hosting and managed wp hosting that is on shared hosting.

So when you buy managed wp hosting, you will get more speed.

You will get extra tools, like a staging tool. When you buy your hosting from WPX Hosting, you get a staging tool.

Whenever you do certain changes you can do this at the back-end before making the website live.

This is also handy if you want to change themes or test new or different plugins.

If you want to change the design layout.

You should do all such changes in the staging phase.

When you complete all such features, then you can make it live.

You get better security in WordPress, backups are almost on every server.

Wp hosting is basically additional features on shared that will help in wp.

This is good for wp users

What Is A CDNThe price variations depend from company to company.

If I tell you about some recommendations: If you want to go shared hosting Greengeeks is good for a shared and wp hosting.

But if you want the Ferrari for wp hosting, cloud-managed hosting is for you.

It does more expensive than shared hosting.

WPX Hosting is a dedicated WordPress managed hosting provider but they remain on the cloud.

They have 3 dedicated servers and with over 20 endpoints around the world.

So which hosting should you buy?

If you are a beginner should start off with a cheaper option available for your hosting needs. Like Greengeeks hosting is perfect for this.

Greenegeeks starts off at around $3 bucks a month that is pretty good value. You get a free domain which is pretty good, altho I don’t recommend buying your domain from your hosting provider.

We use and recommend Namecheap, their cheaper, dedicated domain registers and have more range like .us, .au, .uk

Once you start building traffic or you have the following:

  • Average 1000 visitor a day
  • Using lots of images and videos
  • Using slow un-optimized themes with slow load times
  • Starting to get high bounce rates
  • Rankings dropping off in the SERP’s

chances are, your site isn’t loading fast enough and Google is punishing your site.

Check your page load times using GTmetrix free page load tester and compare the results, then check out how much you’re losing each month by having a slow website with Google’s test my site.

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