What Is The Best Website Hosting For A Fishing Blog 2020?

Having a website blog takes a lot of time and effort when you first start out. With so many options from choosing a theme, getting the right plugins fpr optimization, web hosting the list goes on and on.

So today in this post we have gone over a few of the best web hosting

If you are looking great web hosting with fast load times then you are in the right place…In this post, we’re going to take at and will tell and guide you through to what we consider to be the best web hosting for fishing blog.

If you are looking for our top website hosting that is super fast, has the fastest 24/7 support and is used by some of the best bloggers in the industry you need Greengeeks hosting

To make sure you get the right choice we will also give you other alternatives so you can make a better decision and get caught as we did one time when selecting our hosting company.

We will give you our top three choices and provide in-depth reviews on them so you can compare the differences yourself and to what to expect from each of them.

If you are in a hurry you can click here and go straight through to the official website where you can see more reviews from other customers

Best Web Hosting For Fishing Blog

Our Top 3 Choices:

We will now give you a rundown of our top three choices on the Best Web Hosting For Fishing Blog so you can decide which one to go for and also find out the differences between each of them.

GreenGeeks Hosting

Google wants fast load times and speed, these facts help you to rank your site better. Having slow load times will make your audiences bounce and never to return.

Doesn’t matter if you are a newbie and just starting out to conquer the world with your new blog or been in the game, sick and tired of underperforming web hosts Greengeeks is for you.

Being dubbed as one of the FASTEST shared web hosting on the market today and we’re not kidding here when we say fast.

Greengeeks has a 24/7/365 customer support system and even the support team are lightening with service.

WPX hosting is best suited for those who are serious about wanting the best tools for the job.


  • Insane load times and speed.
  • 24/7 support and service.
  • FREE CDN Cloud – 3x’s your site speed.
  • Not restricted to WordPress platforms


  • None that I can really find at current

SiteGround Web Hosting

Siteground is also another option of being one of the best web hosting for fishing blog. We use siteground for some of our websites and the speed and uptime is very good.

Easy to use interface and setting up your site is easy with the 1-click WordPress to install and FREE SSL certificate.

Their 24/7 365 days support service is very good and reliable. Ideal for new startups and those who looking for faster site speeds with existing sites on the go already.

When you sign up, don't make the same mistake as we did and only take the 12 months to see how she goes approach. Try if the funds allow it to take full 36 months, way way cheaper in the long run...just saying.

If you are looking a hosting that at this stage really doesn't have to be the fastest on the block and with great support and 99.5% uptime and is a bit cheaper than WPX Siteground is your next best pick


  • Fast load times and speed.
  • 24/7 support and service.
  • FREE SSL certificate.
  • Not restricted to WordPress platforms


  • Addon domains need a little extra work to add to the account, but its managable

Bluehost Website Hosting

This is our third choice of the best web hosting for fishing blog if you are looking for a great web hosting for your fishing blog. Although this won't give you the same qualities as the above hostings it is little cheaper over the period on the plans.

Even if it is a little cheaper and slower for most it works fine and the speeds are fast enough for the average blogger, website.

The easy to use interface and the good live 24/7 support chat makes up for those couple little things when you are needing a good web hosting that doesn't burn holes in the pocket when first starting out.

Has really good security and hacks are rare, and if you don't like them they offer a 30-day guarantee.

With over 2 million domains hosted with them they are cetainly worth adding to your list if you are a budget.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Good live 24/7 chat.
  • Good security. Hacks are rare.


  • Limited IPs.

Bonus Content

Best Website Hosting For Newbies – Justhost

Justhost is pretty much the same as Bluehost. Easy to use and wont break the bank and with great site speeds , just host is also worth a look at when deciding on the best web hosting for fishing blog

If you think when checking them out that it looks like Bluehost you’d be right. Bluehost does own them both.

You will get a good responsive 24/7 live chat support with FREE Domain, FREE email, and 1-click WordPress install.

Ideally suited for beginners with the easy interface that are just starting out online or who are testing new hosts.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Good live 24/7 chat.
  • Reliable and good security.


  • Support can be bit slowish.