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Hey, they’re Alicia from web hosting solutions. Similar to various other things in life web hosting isn’t something that is given much thought by anyone until when they actually need it.

Basically, it’s agreeable that web hosting technology is indeed one of the internet’s pillars.

Without it, the websites, podcasts, and video channels you like wouldn’t exist, and if they did it be in a rather inconvenient fashion.

For those of you who are planning to start a new business or expand an existing one, you’ll definitely need a good web host.

So to help you out and decide on the best web hosting services for your website.

I’ve put together some reviews and comparisons on some of the best web hosting services on the market.

So, what is the best web hosting for your WordPress web site?

To answer that for you, we have created this the go-to site for everything related to web hosting.

Unlike different sites, our articles show unbiased accounts.

We also recognize that not everyone has the same needs or wants when it comes to hosting their website.

So regardless if you are new, on a budget, or just want the best that money can buy web hosting, our reviews will cover a website hosting to tailor to your needs.

I also want to add that I never recommend products I don’t trust/use myself. Blogging is a serious business and one fake review can ruin someone’s business/money.

Unlike other sites that promote everything under the sun for commissions, you will be glad to know that we’re not one of those sites.

Secondly, my #1 main web hosting provider by choice is WPX Hosting. I’ve been using them for quite a while now and I’m more than happy with the quality, service, and performances they provide.

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Being a user of many different brands we have knowledgeable recommendations for all website formats from blogging, e-commerce entrepreneurship and even building our very own PBN’s, we guarantee our testimonials will

beat any affiliate marketer who’s just out to make a quick buck – hands down.

In addition to supplying you with the best webs hosting provider for SEO reviews, we also have provided in-depth information.

We have answered questions like “What is web hosting?”, explain the differences between shared and cloud base and which is better for what.

We have provided you with guides for how to set up web hosting on WordPress sites, and provide you a reputable place to buy the products that we review.

We even have a review guide on how to set up domain name DNS using Namecheap and Siteground hosting on our test site.

For skeptics wondering, “Does site load speed of a second or two really matter?” we provide the results from testing and how Google reacts with slow website loads over fast, so you can decide for yourself.

We aim to be your source for information and a top spot for SEO web hosting provider reviews.

What Is Web Hosting And How Does It Work?

Best Website Hosting Provider For SEOBest way to explain what web hosting is like this. We will use a car analogy to help make things easier

Your website consists of three things:

  1. A domain name – License plate
  2. Hosting – This is your cars address ie; Where your website “lives”
  3. Website files – Specific Attributes of your Car Including Make, Model, Color, Year, etc.

What Is A Domain Name?

Sticking with the whole car analogy, let us use a Toyota Camry. A white base model Camry looks the same regardless if purchased in Texas or Seattle. They still look very similar to each other.

Websites are the same. There are a plethora of sites looking similar to each other and even some are identical from being just plained copied.

So to single out the differences between these websites “cars” they are issued with a license plate and a website is issued with the domain you chose.

For domain name purchases we recommend and use Namecheap

What Is Web Hosting?

Best Website Hosting Provider For SEOBack to the whole car thing, getting insurance for the car they want your name, age and the car info as well as where the car will be parked.

Web hosting is the same thing. It determines where your website will live.

It will get its very own IP address that tells the web where it lives, like your car address. Without this address, your website can’t be shown on the web.

What Are Website Files?

Just like cars have bits, motor, wheels, etc to operate so does your website.

These are called files and they are housed on your hosting server.

Some parts are more important than others so unless you know about them don’t go and delete files without making a backup at least first or you may run the risk of breaking your site.

Web hosting companies like WPX Hosting provide FREE website backups every 24 hours and stored on the system for 7 days at the time of writing this article.

How web hosting works:

Website hosting companies like WPX or SiteGround, Bluehost, just to name a few are companies that big kick-ass servers that store websites so they can connect to the internet.

The only way that users can access your website is by having it hosted by a web hosting company.

When your domain name is typed into the browser like https://mtwda.org their computer will connect to the server where the website is hosted.

In return, the server will serve “sends the files you have stored on your website to your web visitor in their web browser.

Much like what you are seeing now while reading this awesomeness website.

Our Best Web Host is WPX Hosting

WPX web hosting is the fastest hosting for your website online to date. Being the most popular hosting for those needing the fastest hosting and, based on our reviews, the ultimate option in our list.


Our Best Shared Hosting is Greengeeks

Greengeeks is the industry-leading web hosting platform that has countless awards for its contribution in renewable energy and going green.

They are our number 1 choice in the shared hosting category and while there are a plethora of providers to choose from, most are all owned by the same company Endurance International Group (EIG)