Best Web Hosting For Private Blog Networks(PBNs)

So you’re thinking about building your own backlinks… you’ve heard that the best way to increase your rankings is with PBNs… But building your own private blog networks takes time and if not done right can have a more negative effect than positive.

One of the main problems where newbies come unstuck when starting out in their PBN career is choosing the wrong hosting.

So in this post I am going to tell you which is the Best Web Hosting For Private Blog Networks and which to avoid.

There are two you need to avoid like the plague.

  • Host Resellers
  • SEO Hosting

Avoid SEO Hosting

If you do a Google search for ‘SEO hosting’ you will find a plethora of results offering exactly that.

Any host that advertises itself as an ‘SEO Host’ should be avoided like the plague.

On the surface they look like good options because they all offer hundreds of unique C class IP addresses at a low price to host your entire network.

The problem is that because the SEO hosting companies specifically target people in the SEO world looking to build private blog networks. All of their ‘unique C class’ IP’s are jam-packed with private blog networks.

This in itself leaves a detectable footprint for Google to find and ‘SEO hosts’ are regularly targeted by Google.

But that isn’t the main problem, most of these networks also fail the SOA Record & IP Address Ownership checks.

So if when you’re checking out a host they advertise themselves as an ‘SEO Host’ – avoid them.

Example SEO Hosts To Avoid

Avoid Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is different than SEO hosting in that it’s set up so people can ‘resell’ shared hosting and essentially set up their own hosting business.

This is an option that many people recommend to build your private blog network with, one of the popular options I see thrown around is HostNine.

The problem with reseller hosting is it introduces a lot of risk through footprints. First of all, HostNine comes highly recommended on SEO forums & blogs, that for me personally is a red flag.

On top of that reseller hosting rarely passes the IP Ownership check and you would have to create unique nameservers for every domain.

Granted reseller hosting (and SEO hosts) do make things a lot easier to manage and a bit cheaper, but they introduce huge risks that you should not be taking.

Example Reseller Hosts To Avoid

Ok so now you know who to avoid, so who is the Best Web Hosting For Private Blog Networks(PBNs).

In a nutshell, there is NOT one shared hosting that is on the market the best for private blog networks.

The reason is, you will never, ever just have one web host and if you do have all your PBNs on just the one account you are doomed before you even start.

The main key points to consider when signing up to a host is don’t use as stated above, resellers and SEO hostings.

To help you out you can get my list of providers, some start at a buck a month. Just remember these are only for your PBNs and not money sites.

That pretty much gives you more of an idea on shared hosting. Yer sure, some are better than others but there is just not 1 wen hosting that is the best.

For one, you will be paying way to much for the host if you want the best and, and for the record, the best hosting on the market is Siteground Hosting.

Then there’s Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is the Best web hosting for private blog networks, but not just any cloud base hosting… Launchcdn takes the shared hosting concept and turbocharges it.

Best Web Hosting For Private Blog NetworksThere is literally no setup at all and you can deploy hosting along with custom nameservers in about 15 seconds.

Less paperwork as everything is all in one place. Considerate it as the new-age way to building PBNs in the 2020 n=and the future.

Here’s what you get when you sign up to Launchcdn Hosting today:

One Point of Contact & One Monthly Bill

Instead of having dozens of pissy little web hostings scattered all over the place, all having different renew dates and if you’re like me and suck at bookkeeping it can get pretty messy real quick.

With Launchcdn everything is all in the one place, one monthly bill, one point of contact all with just a click of your mouse.

Central, Custom Built Dashboard

See the details for your site including Moz and Majestic stats, your site’s name servers and login to the WordPress Admin with one click. No need to go fishing through your e-mails.

More Disk and Bandwidth then others

The more domains you have hosted with them the more you get, Bandwidth and disk space that is. For each site, you get 400MB of disk space and 5000 MB of Monthly Bandwidth.

Absolutely ZERO footprints – Using CDN Hosting

There are several PBN hosting platforms that claim they are “footprint-free” but sadly this isn’t the case. Launch CDN  hosting solution leverages the power of CDNs to provide you with a completely free footprint solution.

Cheapest PBN Hosting Solution – From $1.70/domain per month

With the cheapest hosting on offer for your private blogs, it’s the perfect solution so you can see why it’s a no-brainer. And just because they are the cheapest on the market, it doesn’t mean they compromise on quality.

I’ve been using them for quite a while now and I’m more than happy with the support, pricing, and service to be the best web hosting for private blog networks.

Click on the link below and check them out yourself…

Best Web Hosting For Private Blog Networks