Are Private Blog Networks (PBNs) Worth Building In 2020

If you are thinking of building PBN’s in 2020… Are private blog networks worth it… Do you want to know how to build them so they are safe… do you even know what are PBN backlinks… this message is just for you. Here’s why…

What are PBN backlinks

PBN’s or private blog networks are still the kings for fast action in getting backlinks and for those who say backlinks are dead and don’t work.

Well, how do all those penis pill-pushing, porn sites rank high in the SERPs?

Not by reaching out to say Wirecutter of NYT nor blog commenting and guest posting.

Nope, they make their own. They make PBN’s and in bulk.

And don’t get confused here with the between private blog networks and public blog networks.

Completely different. Like chalk and cheese different… so if you ever looking to buy PBN’s on the net and someone is freely advertising, you gotta ask the question hey. Are they really a private blog?

So are private blog networks (PBNs) worth building in 2020, what is pbn backlinks and can they help with SEO… you bet.

Done right and they can be very lucrative to your business, done wrong and you have a huge shit show waiting to happen.

SO getting back to what are PBN backlinks?

Backlinks are like a vote for your website or page and the more you have to your page/site the better. Google sees backlinks as votes and the more votes the more love you will get.

But, here’s the kicker.

In 2020 and beyond you just can’t have any old site linking back to you. Those days are long gone.

Nowadays there is a new word going around in the backlink community, called relevance.

The more relevance the backlink is to your niche the better.

So here is a general break down of the 3 major parts of building PBN backlinks.

There are 3 major parts to build a private blog network the right way.

  1. Domain registration
  2. Hosting
  3. Setting up the site

PBN Domain Registration

Domain rego is one of those areas that you can easily stuff up and leave footprints behind. Every expired domain you purchase should have its own persona name, verified phone email account and a mix up of domains with whois privacy protection and some without.

This is most important having an email that works. I can’t stress this enough

This can cost you $50 bucks, well was last time I did it and by any means it’s not going to get cheaper. By not being able to verify your you will lose that domain.

Also, try to find registrars that offer free whois for the entire domain registration and not just for the first year.

Hosting Your PBN’s

Hosting is another area where little things matter and you can stuff it up easy too.

Stay away from shared SEO Hosting and resellers. Those who advertise they are PBN hosting is sending an instant message to Google saying look at me. Also you will find these platforms are jammed packed of others just like you building out private blog networks.

Once Google gets a sniff they will be coming down with the big ban hammer of suspicious IP addresses, deindexing as many as they can. If your domain has the same IP address, guess what yours is doomed too.

Then the last step is site configuration.

PBN Site Configuration

You have a few options here and they are:

  • 301 redirect
  • HTML site rebuild from
  • WordPress full blog rebuild head to toes.

301 redirect is the simplest but you just can’t go and get hundreds of domains and just 301 to your money site. That will certainly flag Google getting 1000’s of backlinks in a short time.

Rule of thumb only have to say 15% of all your entire PBN domain structure to be 301’s.

Using to recreate the original is another option and can be quicker than rebuilding the entire domain on a new WordPress platform.

You are not, in fact, creating a private blog network as such when going down that track, more private site network as they are not a blog.

And last is creating out and building a new WordPress site on the domain. All new material, articles, logos making it look like a real site.

But there are ways to do that the right way too.

To get your PBNs built the right way check out this 3 part trilogy.

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