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Looking for reviews or information to help make that decision easier when choosing a web host?

On this page, we are going to give you our recommendation on the best web hosting to use with your WordPress websites. If you are in search of a good website hosting or just simply need to upgrade the hosting you have now, we will help you with that and tell you the best choice and why it is the best suited for.

Choosing the wrong web hosting for your WordPress blog can and will do more harm than good both financially and customer relationships.

Note: If you landed on this page and looking for some cheap-ass low budget web hosting that will give you poor load times, crap uptimes and shit customer support and performance then click here and go back to Google and search for something alikes of Hostgator or Godaddy.

If you are looking for a web hosting that is designed for speed, has great customer service and performance, rated as #1 on G2 Reviews and Trustpilot then this page is for you so keep reading…

WPX Hosting is the #1 most trusted hosting on TrustPilot! (Out of a total of 161 hosting companies) FYI: Hostgator came last, Bluehost came 158th & Godaddy came 143rd…


There is a handful of different types of web hostings, from shared, cloud, dedicated and VPS hostings just to name a few.

And with a plethora of companies and more consistently popping up, mainly just resellers, it’s a veritable face-off between all the best competing brands.

Some of these brands have been delivering quality products, yet others have barely met the industry-standards.

So, what is the best web hosting on the market in 2020? To help answer that, we have created this go-to page for everything related to this product.

Unlike other sites, we only recommend products we use and trust and not just push every product on the planet just to make a few bucks off the commissions. No, rest assured we are not like that.

With all that said and done lets get into…

When choosing a host we look at several key factors that it must have to even consider looking further into it. The factors are security, support, ease of use, speed, key features, support, speed and security are the 3 major ones we really consider.

So this post we will cover the following aspects:

History and general introduction

Just some basic info about where and how our host got started and grew into the company they are today.


We go over the pricing plans on offer, main features so you can get a clear idea and which is the best value for you.


We talk about the different support options available. Then we take cues from online user reviews about how well their support services actually work.


We check the average uptime and response time and see where they rank compared to the industry average. We also talk about potential custom scripts, configurations, or plugins they use to optimize the performance of their hosting services.

Ease of Use

We compare the control panel configuration. Do they use the industry-standard cPanel, or their own custom-built system? How easy is it to set up a website? Etc.

This will give you an overview of what to look for in a good website hosting for these different uses, so you can find one that is adequate for whatever you need it for.

We will also suggest which one we recommend for each use and the different things that you will need to look for.

So, let’s get started and have a look at which is the best web hosting for your website in 2020

Best Website Hosting To Use With WordPress Websites 2020

Our Top Choice For The Best Cloud Web Hosting Provider 2020

WPX Web Hosting


WPX Hosting fist came on the screen back in 2013 after the co-founder Terry Kyle who has been in the online business industry since 1998.

Struggled to maintain his own SEO services company by using overpriced web hosting solutions that claim to be the best continued to produce underperforming performance, lousy customer support and needed a computer degree to carry out the simplest of tasks.

Terry and Georgi Petrov developed WPX hosting as said back in 2013 with these three in mind:

  1. Must be easy to use for non-tech savvies
  2. To provide you with superior page load speed
  3. Have real 24-7-365 day live chat/ticket support


Speed is now a ranking factor for the SERPs and is included as part of the algorithm and Google.

Did you know that for every 1 second delay it takes for your page to open decreases your page view by 11%? That means over 1/10 of your visitors will bounce for every second your site is still loading…

Best Web Hosting To Use With WordPress Websites To Load Faster 2020

Going by the info-graph you can see the effects of having slow load page speeds. The slower the page loads the higher your bounce rate will be. This affects both your bottom line and also your rankings in the SERPs.

So if you have a site that loads under 2 seconds the bounce rate is low and allowable, at around 10% loss of visitors.

But as you see the slower the load times are increased in those leaving your site and not even eyeballing your content or sales page or to what every your page is about.

Check out what if your site loads at 7 seconds, the bounce rate is 32.3%. That is nearly a 1/3 of your potential customers leaving or another way to look at is, customers just walking out of the front door of your shop! Makes sense yer…

So the slower your site loads the more you will lose.

Uptime Guarantee

When it comes to uptime, in case your not familiar with the term it means a guarantee of how long your site can be down in any given month. So the higher to 100% the better it is.

You will never get anyone to guarantee you the hundred, no way.

So WPX’s uptime sits at 99.95% where most hosts provide a guarantee of 99.9% uptime.

99.95% Uptime Guarantee So Your Site Is Always Available

Every second that your website is down means lost potential. And when it comes to uptime, the little things matter.

Does that extra .05% matter? Hell yer!

It makes a big difference even tho to you right now may seem small.

To help you out here is the maths behind it all…

On average, there are about 43,200 minutes in a month:

  • With another host’s 99.9% uptime guarantee, the maximum amount of time your site can be down in a month is ~432 minutes.
  • With WPX Hosting’s 99.95% uptime guarantee, the maximum amount of time your site can be down in a month is ~216 minutes.

That means a generic 99.9% uptime guarantee can end up costing you an extra 3.5 hours of downtime per month!

Add that to slow load speeds and it doesn’t seem like such a small difference now, does it?


wpx hosting live chatYou are able to contact support by either email or live chat. Setting the standard across the board, having just an average 28 second response time which is Based on independently verified data from LiveChat.

The crew in the support area are all highly-trained operators that are very friendly, helpful and supportive.

As well as having the best support team there is also a wealth of material in the knowledge base section for those who like to give it ago them selfs if come across any problems.

Full of how-tos, tutorials, and videos covering just about everything with WordPress, websites and all laid out for us non-techie webmasters.

Ease Of Use

WPX hosting has designed and created there very own custom panel and stepped away from the standard cPanel. The main reasoning is since WPX’s motto is to build the fastest web hosting on the planet and vigorous testings.

It has been established that the cPanel significantly slows the performance it’s installed on and since their core philosophy is about high-speed page loading and in this respect, cPanel is not compatible with our goals.

The control panel is laid out very nicely, simple to use and with all the features needed it’s much more simple to use over the cPanel system. In saying that if you are used to the cPanel it may be a little confusing at first but you will get used to it.

Free SSL & Site Migration & Advance Security

WPX Hosting gives you free SSL with every website you have hosted with them and free malware removal and scanning.

With all the plans and every website hosted with them you get:

You get:

  • Application firewalls – these filter most bad actors before they even get a chance to do something.
  • Daily malware scans – if something gets through the firewall, the malware scan will pick it up.
  • DDoS protection via Incapsula – this protects your site from a distributed denial-of-service attack (a common tactic). (A service that you otherwise cost you upwards of $299 per month!)

As far as I know (& I’ve used a heck-load of them) WPX hosting is the only hosting company that offers free site clean up and restoration if your site gets hacked.

Basically, as long as you keep your WordPress username and password secure, WPX Hosting handles pretty much everything else!


Plans are simple and easy to choose from without any of the complicated crap you get from other providers. None of the bullshit of up-sells, what you see is what you get.

WPX Hosting doesn’t play games with its prices.

Many hosts not all, will suck you in by offering you a special deal or super low price…but that price only applies to your first billing cycle if you go monthly or once the term that you signed up for has run out.

After that, that is when you get screwed over and they punch the price up – on the norm it’s usually double where it started and some I have seen tripled.

With WPX Hosting, the price you see on the website is what you’ll pay – there are no games, no up-sells, and gimmicks.

Speaking of price…

WPX Pricing Plan Costs: How Much Does WPX Hosting Cost?

You have three plans to choose from. You can take out the plans by monthly (not recommended) or yearly (recommended).

Going yearly over monthly will get you 2-months free hosting from what you will save by going monthly.

If you want to take WPX hosting for a test ride for a month use this coupon code here and get 50% off for the month.

All the plans include all of the features I showed you above – the only difference is in:

  • The number of websites you can host
  • How much storage space you have
  • How much bandwidth you get

Here are the three plans:

Best Web Hosting To Use With WordPress Websites

WPX Hosting Cons: Just Consider This…

As I stated above that we only recommend products that we use and since we still use WPX Hosting for all our most important websites means that I don’t see many cons.

Maybe one reason and I’m being picky here that this isn’t for you would be is the price. It’s not that it’s overpriced. It just depends on your needs, WPX Hosting may be “too much host” for you.

What you get personally it’s worth every cent, for the great performance and time-saving features like automatic backups, free SSL certificates, 24-7 super support, and legacy pricing.

If you are on a tight budget there is a decent shared hosting provider out there that we also use and that is Siteground Web Hosting Services.

It’s cheaper – and you will sacrifice performance but there support, speed and uptimes be the best in the shared hosting sector.

Who This Is Best Suited For

With this hosting provider, you will be able to use it for every possible application you can think of. Sites that are large in file hosting like photographers

It doesn’t matter if your photography site is all about astrophotography, candid photography or High Dynamic Range Photography, using WPX Hosting will give your visitors the best experience by loading fast and having to wait to see your creative works.

Musicians, real estate agents, online training courses it’s endless. Now I’m not saying that it’s a one-stop-shop for everyone

In fact, WPX hosting is and the only web hosting provider that Thrive Themes uses and recommends for their platform and hosting.

Best Web Hosting To Use With WordPress WebsitesCome and take WPX Hosting for a test run. This high performing web host will 3x your load page times, increase your SERP rankings and decrease your visitor bounce rate.


I Have Been Able To Increase My Site Speed By 199% Simply By Changing To WPX Hosting.

Using WPX Hosting

  • You will get increase rankings in the SERPs
  • Lower your visitor bounce rate from slow page load
  • Faster page load times that will help to increase revenue and profits.

You may have heard or come across WPX Hosting in your searches. Its a relatively new company that came on the seen in 2013.

Whether your a budding webmaster, entrepreneur or developer, whether your an SEO agency or business owner, I guarantee you that WPX will be the last hosting provider you will need.

By using WPX Hosting you will get

  • 3x your website with the worlds fastest WordPress hosting with FREE CDN
  • 24-7 live chat support – if you need support you will have access around the clock via live chat or ticket.
  • Free backups daily and stored for 28 days on a separate server.
  • Free site migration for all websites you have and move.
  • Free SSL certificates for all your websites.
  • Free malware scans and removal
  • Ranked #1 on both G2 Reviews & Trustpilot
  • Guarantee uptime of 99.95%
  • Set pricing so NO up-sells or crap like that, what you see is what you get.
  • And many more

Customer Opinions


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If you want to rank higher in the SERPs, get more traffic, increase your revenue and 3x your website load times and start seeing results instantly then give wpx hosting a run.

If you need real web site speed then this is the Ferrari of hosts that will give you the results you require and want.

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