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Ok you have picked the perfect name for your blog, next is to buy it and after that, the next most important thing is your web hosting. In this post, we are going to take a look at the best website hosting for your hunting blog and give to you a few options and choices.

One of the biggest problems when searching for web hosting is known which is the best one and will do the job that you need it to do.

Do you go shared hosting, cloud-based, dedicated hosting or even VPS hosting? Its like wtf, but don’t worry as in this post we will tell you which is best suited for you so all you have to do is worry about building your website.

If you already know that you want the best and fastest web hosting on the market used by lots of high roller bloggers then WXP hosting is your choice.

We use and recommended WPX hosting and so do people like Matthew Woodward, Matt Diggity and Thrive Themes solely recommend using wxp hosting for the fastest load times and speeds.

Have a look at what others also saying here see why wxp hosting has become the go-to for all websites that need fast load speeds, reliability, and 24-7 customer support.

To read our full in-depth review you can click here for more informative information regarding why WPX hosting is the best.

Best Website Hosting For Hunting Blog-Our Top 3 Choices

#1 Choice For The Best And Fastest Web Hosting For Hunting Blog Is WPX Hosting.

wpx hosting best priceIf you simply just want the best and fastest web hosting for your blog than without a doubt WPX hosting is for you.

Designed and developed by SEO guru Terry Kyle, he has built it from the ground up using the latest and best equipment available.

With consistent 2 seconds and under page load using Googles page speed loader will have your pages ranking better on the SERP’s because of it.

Why you need fast hosting is because Google now considers it as a ranking factor and within the last algorithm update, it has been stitched into the ranking system.

Another reason why we recommended wpx hosting is the unlimited support that you get 24-7 and the sound knowledge the support team has regarding wpx hosting.

Its friendly user face makes it simple and easy for a newbie to uses or if you are more experienced you will appreciate how crisp the interface is compared to the outdated C-panel interface.

One-click WordPress install from start to finish can have your site up and installed within minutes, and to save on the headaches if shifting from another provider, WPX hosting gives FREE unlimited website migration.

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#2 Best Shared Web Hosting For Hunting Blog

siteground best priceNext on our list for the best web hosting is Siteground. Sitegropund hosting is different to WPX hosting where the standard plans are shared hostings unlike our top choice is cloud based hosting.

Both siteground and Bluehost, which is our #3 choice are both highly recommended by WordPress as a preferred hosting provider.

Siteground has a choice of three plans on the shared hosting platform and starting at $3.95 per month on the basic plan.

Unless you are absolutely sure that you are only going to have just one blog, the basic plan will be ample

If you think you will make or have more than one website, go with the grow big plan as it offers the best features and value for money.

Siteground hosting has 24-7 support and can be a little slow to answer at times, but are very informative and helpful every time when I have had to contact them.

Running with a C-panel interface and is easily laid out and used. Supporting WordPress 1-click website install makes it very easy and fast to get a site up and running in minutes.

If not sure how to use the 1-click you can see a full video on our youtube channel here.

Plan prices change all the time so make sure you click the link below to get the latest pricing.

#3 Best Web Hosting For Your Blog Is Bluehost.

bluehost best priceBluehost its very similar to Siteground where its standard web hosting plans are shared hosting. Plan prices are very similar in pricing and features.

Again just like Siteground, Bluehost is a preferred WordPress hosting provider.

Bluehost is best suited for bloggers exactly the same as siteground for websites that are small to medium and with traffic less than say 25,000 visitors per month.

1-click WordPress install and a fast responsive 24-7 support to either by live chat, email or phone in the allocated time zone.

With all-new web hosting plans, you get a free domain name for the first year, free SSL and email if require it.

For the latest plan prices and to see other customer opinions make click on the link below for a fuller overview on Bluehost hosting.

Rounding It Up

Bluehost and siteground are pretty much on par with each other in regards to platform, features, pricing and layout.

Going with either of those will suit the majority of users and the prices are very well stacked even between the two.

If you are going to have more than 1 site definitely go with the grow big plan on siteground or the choice plus with Bluehost which is at the lowest price it has even been at the time of writing this post.

If you think you want the Ferrari of web hosting than wpx hosting is the go-to.

Much dearer than the other because it is on the cloud and with WPX cloud WP CDN it will 3x the site speed.

wpx hosting for bloggers