How To Set Up PBN Hosting The Right Way Leaving No Footprints

How to build your PBN to the best effect. If you remember the previous post was all about domain registration and like registering domains. Hosting is another one of those areas where it’s very easy to screw up and small Details Matter. So let’s talk through some of the really important do’s and don’ts when … Read more

Are PBNs Blackhat And Do They Still Work In 2020?

If you’re suffering from low SERP rankings…low search traffic… If you have a great product to sell or you’re an affiliate but can’t get traffic to your site… If you know you need to get more authority and backlinks to your site, but reaching out to webmasters isn’t your thing and you have heard that … Read more

Reducing Your Private Blog Networks(PBN) Domain Footprints

Just like your hosting setup can leave a detectable footprint, so can your domains. I have 3 tips that will remove any kind of traceable footprint from your domains. Method #1 – Use Different Registrars Never have all of the domains in your private network hosted with the same registrar. For example, if you have … Read more

What is a good web host for private blog networks

What is PBN hosting

If you are a budding webmaster who wants that extra edge over your competition… if looking to build out your own private blog networks and want to know what is a good web host to use for them… then this message is just for you. Here’s why… Choosing a web hosting platform to host your … Read more

Top 13 Best Web Hostings For PBNs

Web hosting is the main key to any web site and for your PBNs,  this is no different. We all have own opinions regarding web hostings, which is the best. But like always its horses for courses. For all my money sites I use cloud hosting, and for PBN’s I have found over the years … Read more

Best Website Hosting Best For PBNs?

If you suffer from your PBN’s getting deindexed…or the hassles of opening up web hosting accounts all over the place making up personas for each site to hide… if you are slack with keeping records and have websites scatted everywhere and have no record when URLs or hosts need to renewed… if ….. then this … Read more