Is Easy blog networks Safe? Here Is An Overview Of This Product

Easyblognetworks is a great hosting tool for those who are building private blog networks, but how safe is it really?

Easy blog network has gained fast traction and is seriously become the go-to hosting platform to build out fortresses of PBN’s.

Why it has gained so much momentum is from its easy of use interface and 1-click WordPress install. If you are in the pbn game you will no about hostings and footprints.

How Does Exactly EBN Work?

Easy blog networks or EBN for short uses a cloud base hosting platform.

All you have to do to load up a blog is add the blog domain where it asks, blog network and blog title.

Click the add button and that is it. EBN will do the rest.

It will choose a random theme, plugins, name and few others without you dong nothing more.

Of course, you can choose or change it when it’s uploaded and is a WordPress site.

is easyblognetworks safeIt will go through a series of events and you are notified through the stages where your site is.

Once its completed, on average 5 minutes you will be notified in the control panel with the relevant information.


You will be issued with the hosting provider. There are 11 different providers currently with ebn and growing.

The system will choose any one of these hosts from Amazon, Rackspace clouDNS just to name a few.

Also, you will receive your DNS records to change where your domain is parked and that is as easy as it is to set up your PBN site.

Then its a matter of building it out like always and add the magic links to your money sites.

Who Else Uses Easy Blog Networks Hosting?

There are literally thousands of online businesses that use and rely on easy blog networks. If you are still not sure if easyblognetworks is safe for your pbn business, you can see more reviews and customer testimonials on their website here.

At the time of writing this post, so far there have been no major issues report with the use of easy blog networks hosting.

Is easyblognetworks safe

Is easy blog network safe? In short yes and no…let me explain

There is always going to be a certain amount of risk when doing things to try and manipulate Googles algorithms to your advantage.

Even tho EBN is fully automated and easy to use you are at risk of having your network getting hit from the big G ban hammer.

Just because your sites are on the cloud, care still must be taken to avoid leaving footprints. And because your sites are using freely open IP addresses any wrongdoing can be traced back in seconds.

Take a look at this tool that is online freely and trust me Google uses it.


  • Easy 1-click WordPress install.
  • Autopilot maintenance.
  • Well priced plans.


  • No support on weekends.
  • Only suited for WordPress.

Why some people choose not to use easy blog network

One of the biggest reasons many people won't use EBN for their PBN hosting is the price. There are ten price plans you can select from and the starting "Mini" plan where you get to host 10 blogs fr $35 per month, that is $3.50 per blog.

But if your serious about growing your online business and rankings in the serps, pbns is still the quickest and best way. You also have full control over them as you don't if renting some.

Another issue some users have reported is the lack of support and proper customer service from the customer support center.

With investing in a platform this big and for long term longevity you will be investing with them, you would really expect reliable 24-7 live chat like to help guide though those time in need.

I have even counted times where has been NO support over weekends, which really sucks.

Just lucky it's not the money site right! So that is another thing, never ever use EBN for hosting your money or important sites. The load speeds are average and you don't have enough control without C-panel.

Why you should get easyblog networks

We've just looked at couple drawback of EBN. The object of this post is to provide you with reported issues that customers have had and the experiences both good and bad.

Now we are going to give you some of the good into why you should use EBN hosting for private blog building.

First up, EBN does do what is written on the tin. It gives you cloud base hosting with different locations and IP addresses.

1-click WordPress install and autopilot maintenance allows you more time to do more important things, find more websites for your pbn empire.

One of the best features on the platform is the information it provides. It will tell you if your site is indexed or been hit by Google and deindexed. Majestics TF and CF scores.

You don't have to choose a provider or an IP address, you don't have to do anything the developers do all this for you.

Once all loaded up all you have to do is install the name servers and that is it.

Easy blog network is an all in one pbn hosting platform that has all the elements that you need to start building your very own PBN enterprise.

You have everything that is needed all with a click of a button. It also comes with free migrations for all your sites and auto-updates.


Easyblog network is a one-stop-shop for pbn builders who want a safe hosting to boost your online business.

It's available in 10 different plans, that start at a low monthly payment of $35 for the hosting of 10 blogs or for the pros the enterprise 1000 which will lay you back a cool $1699. per month.

If still not sure if it's for you feel free to take it for a FREE test drive. Click on the link below to try EBN for Free for the next 7 days. If you are not sure check out our review on EBN hosting and our thoughts

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is easyblognetworks safe