Easy blog Networks: Is It Still The Best Web Hosting For Private Blog Networks?

If you’re into making pbns then you will know how much of a chore it is setting them up. In this post we are going to look at the best web hosting for pbns that has taken the hard work out of hosting these little suckers.

Where going to take an overview of this hosting and give you the pros and cons of using them as well as take a look at some of the reviews, features and gove you why we recommend using this hosting

Best Web Hosting For PBNS

Easy Blog Networks Hosting

Easy blog networksbest web hosting for pbn or EBN for short have very quickly become one of the go-to providers to be hosting your private networks.

How it works is it connects to the variest hosting providers in the cloud and deploys your site to so you always have unique IPs locations and name servers which is very cool.

They have some great features like 1-click WordPress setup as we with random themes and plugins. It will automatically update the plugins that are installed, carry out daily backup and make sure everything is nice and secure.

Try Before You Buy. 

Completely Natural Hosting Profile

Every time you load a new site onto EBN platform your blog is hosted on a different A-, B- & C-Block of IPs so not one is the same eliminating footprints.

They are all in different locations, different data centers and by different hosting companies. What this does is it makes your private blog network profile look natural among the other hundreds and thousands of sites on the network.

Easyblog network uses only the highest quality cloud hosting providers like Rackspace that have many millions of sites already hosted to help hide your site. Sorta like the trees among the forest metaphor.

best web hosting for pbn


1-Click Blog Install and Autopilot Maintenance

best web hosting for pbnsInstalling your website has never been any simpler than this. There is a step by step guide but once you have done it once or twice you will be doing it in your sleep.

Simply just add the blog domain in the location, the blog network.

Blog network is used when segmenting your blogs into niches if you like to have some form of order like that.

Then add the title name and once that is all filled in just hit the blue button and that is virtually it.

You can select the theme and plugins before you add the blog or let easyblog network randomly install a theme, plugins, randomized usernames and a Mailbox all in a single click.

To take it to the next level when you use the automatic upload doing it this way every blog will be completely randomized admin username, name, and email address.

Just follow the instructions above entering the details, sit back relax and let EBN do the magic.

It literally couldn't be any easier to be up and rolling with a powerful PBN in just minutes.

Automated updates. Automated backups.

Server setup for performance and security.

Not having to worry about any technical stuff for your PBN's setup like maintenance, security and performance allow you more time to do what you do best, find more sites to rank your keywords in the serps.

Easyblog networks pricing

best web hosting for pbnsYou have a selection of 10 plans with the standard blogger plan is $35 per month which includes hosting for 10 blogs.

There are NO yearly plans available at the time of writing this article.

Each plan includes:
Automatic Backups Daily Backups
SSL Includes HTTPS
SEO Metrics SEO Metrics
PBN Hosting Hosting
Automatic WordPress Updates Auto Updates
IMAP Mailbox Mailbox
Free Transfer Free Transfer
You can cancel anytime you like just make sure you move your sites before the due date or you have lost them forever as they get deleted straight away.
The pricing considering it is well priced and on the basic plan works out to be around $3.50 per blog and without the worry and stress maintaining them and updating plugins etc, I think its a fair price to pay.


  • 1-click WordPress install.
  • Randomized IP addresses and locations.
  • Almost set and forget with maintenace.


  • Only cator WordPress sites
  • No C-panel.
  • No yearly plan just monthly

Time To Start Building Your PBN Fortress

There you have it!

Bit of a rundown on one of the best web hostings for your pbns empire you are about to build. Everything you need to start building.

Easyblog networks is a simple and easy tool to use for building out your empire of private blog networks. Even tho it is just about fully automated care is still to be needed.

If you still not sure you can read our full in-depth review we did a little while ago on EBN hosting review and that might help to answer any more questions you may have.

We use and recommend Easyblog Networks for the simplicity and you can to. Don't forget about the free trial they have on offer, you will soon know if it's a good fit or not for your business.

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