Alternative To Kinsta And The Benefits Of Choosing WPX Web Hosting

Kinsta alternative: benefits of choosing WPX

If you’re looking for a Kinsta alternative then you’ve come to the right place as we are going to give you the benefits of choosing WPX for all your hosting needs.

WPX is the fastest cloud CDN web hosting on the planet that offers a unique and powerful approach to managed WordPress hosting and you are about to find out why soon.

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Taking A Look At Kinsta

Kinsta is cloud base web hosting usings Googles cloud platform. By using this platform Kinsta can offer 17 server locations around the world for your website hosting.

The company’s mission is to have hassle-free fast reliable web hosting so their customers can do the more important things like build their business and not worry about hosting requirements.

The platform provides you with all the tools required and 24-7 support standing by for those just in case moments when shit happens.

The infrastructure used by Kinsta hosting is created and maintained by Google and used by companies such as Spotify, Snapchat, HTC, Best Buy, Philips and Coca-Cola, to name just a few.


Full backups daily

Kinsta has a free daily backup system in place so this helps to eliminate other plugins you use to use on other sites to carry out backups and if shit does hit the fan and should the worse happen.

Don’t worry as a click of a button your entire site will be reinstated from the last saved point.

They do offer separate backups on all situations – live and staging – so your development efforts are equally as safe.

Additional backups

If you need more frequent backups in the 24 hour period you can request to have them, but it will cost you.

This could be an option on sites that make frequent adjustments or have a highly active site. Just another tool offered you can have in your site’s security arsenal.

Free Site Migration

Kinsta offers free site migration from your previous hosting provider to theirs. Kinsta says that there will be NO downtime occurred in the process. To do that they assign a temporary domain to your migrated site to fill the gap and once all in place everything is tested before it goes live pretty neat ha!

Kinsta Pricing Table

Kinsta has a choice of 10 different hosting plans all with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You get a choice if you want to go monthly payments or the entire year. You do get a discount on the yearly price which helps a lot.

The 10 plans on offer come with flexible payment plans.

All the plans offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, Free premium migrations, Free unlimited basic migrations from other hosts, Google Cloud Platform and 20 global locations. To see the full list of the features on offer click here to check them all out

However, more advanced plans carry a lot more features and advantages. Below is the official Kinsta pricing table of all the plans on offer.

Kinsta Overages

Now you are probably thinking what the Fxxx is Overage. Overages are extra charges placed on your account if you go over your allocations.

There are 2 different payment types, visitor overage fees, and CDN overage fees.

Visit overage will hit you a fee of $1 per 1000 or thereof visits while CDN will hit your account at $0.10 per GB.

At the time of writing this article, Kinsta didn’t send emails about overages and you won’t know until the bill has come or you make a manual check inside the platform.


The charges are immediately applied to your account, and your website is kept online. However, in the case of what Kinsta term extreme overages, they reserve the right to temporarily limit access to your website until the issue has been resolved.

You can view the full details on the Kinsta plans page.


  • Cloud base with fast speeds.
  • 24-7 live support and chat.
  • Kinsta guarantee 99.9% uptime.


  • Very expensive for newbies and average bloggers, check pricing above.
  • No free trial period.

Taking A Look At WPX Hosting

WPX hosting is very similar to Kinsta as its cloud base CDN network.

Is has super-fast load speeds and also get 24-7 live customer support with an average wait time of only seconds for a response once the live chat is opened.

Terry Kyle is the founder of WPX and his company have built WPX cloud WP CDN from the ground up.

They own all the equipment used and needed unlike others where they lease or rent the system, so therefore don't have the control and unable to tweak the system when needs.

WPX cloud WP CDN will 3x your site speed and its FREE for all sites hosted with them.

If you need real-life tests and stats for your self Matthew Woodward did this full in-depth ruthless testing among 7 different website hosts to see which is the best.

From my take of it all and you will agree after reading it, being the dearest doesn't always mean its the best.

FREE Migration

WPX also offer free migration on all there new hosting website coming from another platform and offer FREE SSL certificates as well as a free email with each site.

You also get with all the plans for free...

High-speed, custom CDN  Unlimited Site Migrations*  Unlimited SSLs
24/7 Fast-response Support  Staging Area  Email  Manual Backups
DDoS Protection  Malware Scanning & Removal  PHP 7.X  HTTPS/2
30 Day Money-Back ● 28 Day Automatic Backups ● 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
1-Click WordPress Installations ● USA + UK Hosting locations

WPX Hosting Plan Prices

WPX has a choice of three plans that you can choose from. The basic starter plan is ideal for those with only have a few websites or just one and at only $20.83 on a yearly plan, that is insanely cheaper over Kinsta.

Check out the plans below and compare for yourself.

Kinsta alternative benefits of choosing WPX


  • Cloud base for ultra fast load speeds.
  • 24-7 live caht and support.
  • FREE SSL & email.
  • Ton of how-tos and tutorials available for free


  • Can be little costly when starting out.

So Which One Is The Best?

At the end of the day, it really does boil down to what you want to do and need.

If you are on a tighter budget and going to have multiple websites WPX will be a better fit.

On a yearly plan, going with wpx hosting for the year will cost close enough to$250 per year you save around $50 bucks for the year if you take the yearly plan and not the monthly plan and able to have to host for 5 websites on the standard business plan.

On the other hand, Kinsta standard plan gives you 1 website hosting and for the year it will cost $300 per year and save $60 per year over the monthly plan.

Other then the pricing they are very similar.

For us, we use and recommend WPX hosting for all our main money and affiliate sites and have never had any issues or dramas in the past 2 years.

If either of these suits your likings we have more reviews on the homepage on that might be a better fit.

Kinsta alternative: benefits of choosing WPX