EBN WordPress Web Hosting: Is It Really The Best For Affiliate Marketers?

Is Easy Blog Networks Hosting Safe For Affiliate Marketing? In this post, we are going to take a look into this popular web hosting platform Easy Blog Networks and to see if it is safe to use for affiliate marketers.

We will look at the customer opinions on this product and what they have to say as well as tell you the pros and cons, pricing and if it is a good fit for you with what you are doing.

We have reviewed many other web hostings and you can our complete list on the homepage.

If you are in a hurry or just want our top choice as the best web hosting for affiliate marketing, we use and recommend WPX hosting for all our money and affiliate sites.


Is EBN Hosting Safe For Affiliate Marketing? My Thoughts And Opinions…

Is ebn hosted suited for affiliate marketers or is there something better out there.

The short answer is NO… and this is my experience and knowledge saying why.

EBN hosting is NOT suited for hosting your money sites and in this post, you are going to soon find out why…

EBN is a dedicated WordPress hosting for sure, but its main frame structure is to build PBN’s (private blog networks) and therefore is not really built for more important websites like your money site.

Their pricing does look good I admit that where you can 10 blogs hosted for $35 per month with the mini plan.

For the affiliate marketing that’s about where it stops for the good stuff.

We as affiliates need our sites to be the best and fastest. Google now uses site load speeds as a ranking factor along with everything else in the Google algorithm.

Slow page loads will make people bounce and Google will see that and start to drop you in the rankings cause of it. EBN hosting is far from having the quickest load times when the site is live.

Uptime Vs downtime: For a money site you need your site working on time every time.

Whether it was just me and my sites that were hosted with EBN, many times I would go and make a few tweaks and find the site is down and unable to log in.

It makes it very frustrating when you go to support and get this in the live chatbox.

Is EBN Hosting Safe For Affiliate Marketing

To me having 24-7 live support is a must for all affiliate marketing sites, in fact, all websites I feel.

Easyblog networks also control which plugins you can have and can’t. I can understand why as it all comes down to security and I get that.

Where it did suck is when having many sites hosted on the platform and moving them was a tedious job. Because there is no C-panel or couldn’t use plugins like Duplicator – WordPress Migration Plugin.

This is the biggest issue with using EBN hosting for affiliate marketing is, you are sharing IP addresses and hosting with those making PBN site.

Not sure whether you know this and you should have at least heard of it, private blog networks go against Googles terms and if found will deindex the site and any other site using the same address.

So picture having a newbie new to building PBN’s and leaves footprints all over the place bigger then bigfoot himself and Google finds it as they will.

Your money site is sharing the same hosting and address, and it takes Google no more than 5 seconds by using this FREE reverse IP lookup 


  • Easy 1-click WordPress install.
  • Free migration and 1-click HTTPS setup.
  • WordPress hosting only.


  • Slow website loading speeds when not down.
  • Support not 24-7 like most others.
  • Not suited for anything else bar PBN sites.

Who Is It For?

EBN hosting can be used by anyone who uses WordPress websites, but in saying that it is a more dedicated pbn hosting platform.

It’s not designed to handle high amounts of traffic and certainly not trusted to host money or affiliate sites.

That’s really all I need to say about that, its nowhere as good as WPX hosting for affiliate marketing.

wpx hosting best priceWPX hosting is a dedicated marketer dream web hosting platform.

Having the fastest load times on the planet see here for the proof and results.

WPX has three plans to choose from starting off at $20.83 per month and goes up from there. To see all the plans and compare them to each other just click on the link below.


High-speed, custom CDN  Unlimited Site Migrations*  Unlimited SSLs
24/7 Fast-response Support  Staging Area  Email  Manual Backups
DDoS Protection  Malware Scanning & Removal  PHP 7.X  HTTPS/2
30 Day Money-Back ● 28 Day Automatic Backups ● 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
1-Click WordPress Installations ● USA + UK Hosting locations

Customer Support

WPX web hosting gives its customers 24-7-365 days live support and also has a huge array of tutorials, how-tos as well as able to leave support ticket.

Live chat is almost instant every time I have tested and think the longest wait was 21 seconds.


The results are in, Is EBN Hosting Safe For Affiliate Marketing?

The platform you chooses will depend on the works you do and if you want to trust a platform with your money sites that offer average support and slow load times.

It’s quite clear that WPX hosting is a more superior hosting and is dedicated to bloggers, marketers affiliates and businesses.

With WPX hosting you can use it for all your affiliate marketing and money site needs, with the fastest load times and technology all built from the ground up by an affiliate marketer himself Terry Kyle.

The platform is more consistent and less stressful without the worry of losing your site with the ban hammer from the big G.

With Free migration and a support team that is well knowledge in the business, you don’t have to have any technical skills to use or transfer to WPX hosting.

Anf if you are new to the whole affiliate program, there is a ton of knowledge and information from Terry himself in the blog section to be a better marketer.

Go ahead and try them out, just click on the button below and will take you straight to WPX web hostings site.

Is EBN Hosting Safe For Affiliate Marketing