WPX vs EBN: Who Is More Secure And Which Is Best For You?

On this post, we are going to take a look at who is more secure WPX vs EBN when hosting your websites.

Even tho they are both cloud base hostings they are still like chalk and cheese from each other and in this article, you are about to find out why.

Now it all depends on your hosting requirement as to which you choose and use. There are pros and cons with both platforms and we will cover that plus we will take a look at client testimonials.

We will give you a verdict and our opinion on which is better for your needs and give you an all-round honest report.

The purpose of this article is to see which hostings are more secure than the other so you can make a better decision which is the best for you.

Who is more secure WPX vs EBN

 easyblognetworks Hosting (EBN)

Who is more secure WPX vs EBNLet us start off with Easy Blog Networks or EBN for short.

EBN is a dedicated WordPress platform that is purely designed for hosting those in the private blog networks sector (PBN’s).

It is a cloud base much like Terry Kyles WPX hosting, that is where it ends in the similarity tho.

EBN uses big web cloud base hostings like Amazon, Rackspace ClouDNS just to name a few. You can see all 11 clouds that are associated with easy blog network on their homepage.

Your websites will be installed on the cloud using any of the big brands they have on the system. Brands like Amazon AWS and Rackspace, DigitalOcean just to name a few.

They will be installed on unique IPs on the above-mentioned hosting providers.

Your nameservers are supplied directly by your new hosting providers that are shared among hundreds of thousands of other website users, or by DNS, share as well with a crap load more other people.

This helps blend your pbns in among normal natural blogs and websites.

The downside is that you are sharing your PBN’s with others and that can be very risky. Leaving footprints for Google to find and can be done without your doing.

In saying that, at the time of writing this post there have been NO major reports of any security risks noted and have a really low deindexed rate.


  • 1-click WordPress install.
  • Low deindexed rate.
  • Easy to use.


  • Only WordPress sites
  • Support is lacking I feel compared to others.


Overall EBN is a good choice and has been proven to be safe for hosting PBN sites only. Has a low deindex rate and is supported from some of the biggest players online with hosting.

It’s most certainly the quickest way to build your empire of private blog networks over using a new hosting account and hosting provider for each site you add to your bpn arsenal.

The downside is that you are sharing those IP addresses with other users and there is still a risk factor and entirely foolproof.

This is VERY IMPORTANT Easyblog network. Never ever use EBN for your money sites or main sites that you rely on, ever. The platform isn’t built for that quality and website speed is lacking. For all our money sites we use WPX hosting

WPX Hosting

Who is more secure WPX vs EBNWPX hosting is similar to EBN where they are cloud-based web hosting and that is it.

WPX hosting is the fastest web hosting provider on the planet and is one of the safest and secured platforms and you are going to see right now why.

WPX has built all there very own equipment from the ground up. This means the own them and not lease or rent allowing them to tweak and adjust when need be.

WPX hosting has an awesome fast live chat that is 24-7 and they strive to have you answered and helping within 30 seconds.

Free migration from anywhere free SSL certificate for all websites.

You have a choice of three plans and the cheapest plan starts at only $20.83.


High-speed, custom CDN  Unlimited Site Migrations*  Unlimited SSLs
24/7 Fast-response Support  Staging Area  Email  Manual Backups
DDoS Protection  Malware Scanning & Removal  PHP 7.X  HTTPS/2
30 Day Money-Back ● 28 Day Automatic Backups ● 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
1-Click WordPress Installations ● USA + UK Hosting locations

At the time there also have been NO major reports of any security risks or breaches.


  • 24-7 live support.
  • Fastest load speed times, best for money sites
  • FREE WPX cloud WP CDN to 3x site speed


  • Can be bit pricey when starting out.


WPX hosting is dedicated to providing there customer with the fastest and safest web hosting on the planet.

The founder Terry Kyle is an SEO expert and knows the importance of high security hosting with fast load speeds. That is why he developed WPX hosting.

Not suited for PBN’s unlike EBN purely for the fact is can’t have both. You can of course host a pbn on the platform but unlike EBN doesn’t share with others and only has its own IP addresses for us customers.

Wrapping It Up

There are a ton of qualities between both hosting and both of them do have there for’s and against’s.

They both run the latest security where I do like WPX’s idea with there brute force security measure. You can read all about the finer details here on their blog.

For money site hosting hands down WPX is the go-to.

For pbns easyblog networks makes this process easier and is very safe with a very limited number of deindexed sites.

Well, hope that has answered your questions. If you have anymore please drop your question.