What You Need To Know About Expired Domains Before Adding To Your Private Blog Network

If you are buying expired domains and turning them into your very own PBN and not seeing good rankings or movement in the SERP rankings…You have better content than the top 10 sites and still, you can’t get good traffic…then this message is just for you. Here’s why…

You may have done all the right checks as they all tell you when buying expired domains.

You do your own due diligence, using all the tools available at your disposal.

SEMrush, Ahrefs for domain authority, backlinks. You use Majestic to see what the trust flow and citation flow is and if it all balances out you buy the domain.

Of course, there is a bit more in it as you already know.

You’ve done everything right, purchased the domain in a new personas names using a different registrar.

Add the new domain to a new web hosting provider, install WordPress and point the DNS records of your hosting to your registrar.

All sounds right so fay yer…

Then once it’s all propagated and your site is now live and able to log into WordPress. Now the fun begins, building out the site, adding all the content and spider blocking plugins.

After a few days of building great content and fine-tuning your site. Adding the logo’s setting up social media platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and so on.

Everything looks good, everything is connected, all the site interlinking, content is all up and live. Green lights and happy faces on Yoast.

Now its time to link out to your money site right?

If you have followed these steps in a roundabout way when building your private blog, you could be just pretty much wasted your time, resources and effort.

Here’s why

If you don’t do this check, which is the first thing you do once your site is loaded up and have access to WordPress, and you link out to your money site without checking this.

You could be linking out with a malicious, blacklisted by Google spam domain.

What do you mean Alicia I hear you say…I did all the checks and all the tools like Majestics, Ahrefs told me it looked good.

Those tools are great don’t get me wrong but unfortunately, none of them will tell you if that expired domain you just purchased is toxic apart from Google.

So without doing this test, you have the chance to link out to your money site or client site with a toxic domain, that will just hurt your rankings there and then.

So how many domains have you got at the moment linking to your money sites?

How many of them are toxic?

Could that be the reason why you’re not getting the rankings you think you should be getting?

So the first thing before you add any new PBN to your ecosystem is to check that it hasn’t been marked by Google as spam.

Once you have finalized that the domain isn’t toxic then you can go and add it provided its past all of your other checks too.