Beginners Guide To Installing WordPress Site Using Namecheap Domain With Siteground Hosting: Your Step By Step Tutorial

Beginner Guide: How To Install WordPress using Siteground & Namecheap

Hey guys and welcome. In this Beginner Guide: How To Install WordPress using Siteground & Namecheap we are going to take a deep dive into how to set up and install Bluehost from start to finish.

This will best be suited for newbies and not the so tech-savvies of us, exactly how I was back when I first started.

Web hosting is the main key to your website. Without it, your site will be useless. Will will not get nerdy in this guide that’s for sure.

This siteground step by step guide will only be on their shared hosting plans and installations.

When choosing a web host plan most people decide on a plan for today and not think of the future.

Try not to restrict yourself by going with the cheapest plan if possible as you will find out why in just a moment…

So without any further due, let’s get into it.

All prices and information in this post reflect on the time of writing. We do regularly update to bring you the best and latest information.

Where to buy a domain from?

If you haven’t already we use and recommend Namecheap. We have used many different domain vendors and we have found that Namecheap works best for us.

Try not to purchase your domain through your hosting provider as this ties you to them whereas going through Namecheap, Namesilo, Godaddy just to name a few are dedicated domain providers and can go with any hosting once purchased.

Don’t worry we will go through on how to set up the domain so that it points to Siteground.

Note: Be careful of cheap domain names. Some vendors like Godaddy will give you an awesome first up deal like $1.00 deals. Good for the first year but you are tired for a certain period. Just read the small print before signing up.

If you are going to have multiple domains it might pay to set them up and creating a persona. This helps to hide them among the trees in the forest so to speak.

If you have multiple sites all in your own name it is very simple to see who you are in the whois and then find all your money site and copy them.

Namecheap allows you to add other users to the profile list. To learn how to make an online persona click here...

Beginner Guide: How To Install WordPress using Siteground & Namecheap

Straight up you need to click here which will open in a new tab and land on Siteground official website. Do it now if you already don’t have the page open. It should look like the image below.

Depending on when you are reading this as we had a special deal with Siteground and new webmasters who sign up got up to amazing 77% off.

Siteground Plans

Once you have the page open using your mouse and click on the Web Hosting get started button.

This will then open up a new screen with Siteground plans in the shared hosting area that are available.

Siteground has three shared hosting plans to choose from. The most common plan and what we recommend is the Growbig plan, but we will go through all the plans below in more detail.

All the plans come standard with these features and we will cover them all later on in-depth

Free site build

Free SSL and HTPPS

Free Email Account

Free Cloudflare CDN

Free Daily Backups

24-7 Support

30-day money-back guarantee

Unlimited MySQL

Startup Plan

The startup plan is just that. As I said above we really don’t recommend the start-up plan just for the simple reasons is the limitations it gives you.

With allowances of only one domain registration and 10 GB of storage which for most webmasters that is plenty. It is more the limited domain and the restriction of only 10,000 visits per month.

If you know you are ever going to have just one domain then the Start-up plan will be quite sufficient for sure.

Growbig Plan

The growbig plan is the next option in line and is our recommended plan of choice. We use this plan for all our websites. In fact we have several of these plans in our account as its just better value we find over the Gogeek plan with what we do.

With the Growbig plan you get unlimited domains, 20GB of storage which is shit tons for any website and the normal features but you also get Premium features on top.

Both Growbig and Gogeek plans have this feature included in the pricing.

What you get extra in sitegrounds growbig and gogeek plans are as follows.

Free site migration. This in its self saves a massive headache when transferring from another hosting vendor.

Supercache for faster site speed

Advanced on-demand backup, great for those who make lots of changes and added content.

WordPress staging just to name a few.

Gogeek Plan

Go geek plan ahs all the extra features as Growbig but with larger storage and can handle a ton load more of traffic per month.

The storage is only 10 GB over Growbig but traffic is 100,000 per month whereas grow big is 25,000.

You also get with Gogeek plan Geeky features on top of Essential and Premium features.

These include and not limited

Advanced priority support

Highest tier server choices

1-click git repo creation

I personally can’t tell you what they are as I’m not a Gogeek customer so I really can’t comment on if the added cost equals the added features.

For us, we still use and recommend the Growbig plan.

Hey you can try the basic plan don’t forget there is a 30-day money-back guarantee on all plans

Now once you have decided to click on the button below the plan of choice.

Next a new screen will open up like below.

Here you will have the option of register a new domain or I already have a domain.

Note: If you haven’t already purchased your domain we recommend Namecheap for all our domain names.

The reason why you don’t want to purchase your domain through the hosting provider is for these reasons:

  1. Pricing are almost always dearer than a dedicated domain platform.
  2. The domain is tired to the hosting company and if you want to move it most will wait 60 days.
  3. If you cancel in the 30 day period, you still have to pay for the domain name at the price you signed it for. So a trial plan of $5 for the month and you buy a domain with the plan, and you cancel. You will owe them the balance

So if you have your domain, click on I already have a domain and add it in.

Don’t worry about anything else the name. Leave the http/s etc off and once done click proceed. See below

NOTE: Once you have completed all the information

Once you click on the proceed button you will be taken to the next part where you add your payment details see video below

You will see in the video where you can make a selection of 12, 24 or 36 months.

They call this the honeymoon period. All web hostings do this.

What happens is once the time period is up. Let’s just say after 12 months and the time has come to renew your plan.

If you choose to stay with siteground hosting and not upgrade you get git with the regular price of that plan for the year.

I was caught like this when new and it is a trap for new players for sure.

So try and take the plan out for as long as can.

You do have 60 days after renewal to hit them up for a discount but it will never be as good as the honeymoon rates.

What I do now buy the 36-month plans and since Siteground offer FREE site migration use them to move over to the new plan. I get another 36 months honeymoon rates, not bad eh?

Right now once all the payment stuff is taken care of let’s get into the good stuff.

Siteground login

Sometimes you will be automatically logged in and other not. In this section I will show you how to log in and what to expect once logged in.

On the homepage of Siteground up the top right hand side is the login button.

Click on it. See the image below…

Beginner Guide: How To Install WordPress using Siteground & Namecheap

There a new screen will appear requesting your username and password which you used when making the account.

All the information will be in the confirmation email that you received when payment went through.

Just enter the info required and then click sign in.

Beginner Guide: How To Install WordPress using Siteground & Namecheap

Now you are in what they call the backend of the platform. This is the brains of it all. You can see all the tabs below in the image.

Here you need to be to ask for support which we will run through in a bit in how to do it. Your accounts, billing info and other as you can see.

How to Install WordPress using NameCheap and SiteGround

Now the very first thing you need to do with your website is to point your domain to sitegrounds nameservers. This can be a little tricky the first time but stick with me, it be ok.

This is the best way to how to access siteground cpanel as well. Siteground cpanel is the heart of everything we do and has access to the entire tools you need.

Click on my accounts.

Beginner Guide: How To Install WordPress using Siteground & Namecheap

Then C-panel

Beginner Guide: How To Install WordPress using Siteground & Namecheap

you will get to here

Below the red arrows are two very important lines. They are your nameservers records or domain nameservers or DNS for short.

Will look similar to this

Now, this step is for Namecheap domain names. Very similar to most other domain names vendors or if you purchased your domain with the hosting you can skip this step too.

Go to your Namecheap account and log in there.

Once you have logged in go to your dashboard.


Got to you your domain name and click on manage. This will open up another window like below.

Click on the dropdown and you get the same three options as above. Click on Custom DNS and copy and past your CDN records from siteground into Namecheap as below.

Once you have placed the records in the right place. It does not matter which order they are. If its not right you won’t get the green tick like in the image below.

If right-click on the green tick.

If you add the wrond info you will get and just start again.

Once you have done it correctly, scroll up to the top of the page and you get a notification much like this below…

Domain Name Servers (DNS) are the Internet’s equivalent of a phone book. They maintain a directory of domain names and translate them to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. If you want to know more than you can read here more about DNS

Ok now that part is taken care of, let us go back to Siteground and install our WordPress site using sitegrounds 1-click WordPress install.

Siteground WordPress Install

Now that we are back in siteground. You should still be on the C-panel page. If not follow the steps above to get back to your C-panel page.

I will wait here….good you are back…

Now first we have to add the domain to siteground, so click on addon domain

Beginner Guide: How To Install WordPress using Siteground & Namecheap

Enter your domain name and the rest of the sub domain should fill in itself. If not just click in the password section and that will prompt it to complete the rest of the data.

If all goes well you will get all green ticks as shown below.

Now you are ready to install WordPress and get our site up and running.

Siteground  WordPress 1-Click Install

In C-panel scroll down a touch until you come across WordPress.


Tap on the symbol and that will open up the main WordPress page. This is where you will finally get to install your site.

Beginner Guide: How To Install WordPress using Siteground & Namecheap

Then click on Install

Then fill in the details as required. Was much easier to make another video

Log all the information down into a spreadsheet with all your passwords etc and that is that part done.

That domain is an old expired test domain.

Grab the Administrative URL : from the top of the page and paste it into your browser.

Add the username and password. This is the password and user name you just used to install the WordPress site on.

Beginner Guide: How To Install WordPress using Siteground & Namecheap

If you didn’t log it no biggy. Once you have installed the site you can’t change those details but all you do to save time is just delete the domain and start again.

Takes like minutes and straight forward.

Just go back to C-panel and delete the domain and start again.

It may take up to 48 hours for the propagation to full change over as is said once you changed over the CDN, remember?

You can’t speed this part, unfortunately. It is our of everyone’s hands

And that is about it with how to install WordPress on siteground hosting using a Namecheap domain.

How To Set Up Siteground Mail

Siteground has free emails with every website you have hosted with them. These emails are handy for when signing up to things like Autoresponders like Getresponse.

You can use a Gmail or outlook to sign up but when the time comes and you start sending emails those types of email accounts go to the junk box.

In fact, Getresponse and I know most others will only use a company or personalized emails.

If you have a Namecheap domain they also offer personalized emails. For private email hosting with Namecheap is around $10 bucks a year.

What I do is use my domain email and then redirect it though Gmail pop so they are all in the one place.

To set up your email first log in to your siteground cpanel.

Once you are in C-panel scroll down to and click on Email Accounts.

Select the domain name if you have more than one and type any name before it. As you see in the image below I have, pretty neat eh.

Then if you want to use the Gmail account and divert this email to it, Siteground has all that covered in the knowledge base section.