Best Alternative To Dreamhost WordPress Hosting

On this post, we are going to check out our top picks for a better alternative to Dreamhost Hosting for your WordPress site.

If you need to update your plan with Dreamhost and looking for another provider or just want to transfer to a hosting that has a bit more flexibility, then you are in the right place!

This post will guide you through and give you an overview of the best WordPress hosting providers on the market for 2019.

If you are in the need for a really fast, like really fast web hosting and you have high traffic as well, then our pick of the crop you need is WPX Hosting services.

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Best Alternative To Dreamhost WordPress Hosting

Our 3 Top Choices:

We will now give you a rundown of our top three choices so you can decide which one to go for and also find out the differences between each one!

Our Top Choice For A Better Alternative To Dreamhost Hosting:

WPX WordPress Hosting

wpx hostingThis is our top choice for a better alternative to Dreamhost website hosting. The first thing I want to tell you about this hosting is that it’s not for everyone. If you are looking for a shared base hosting and don’t have high traffic volume with large imagery and videos then this isn’t for you.

WPX Hosting is a premium web hosting that is designed for one thing. To be the fastest while maintaining superior uptimes and, with 24-7 support then you will love WPX Hosting.

What makes WPX hosting different from the other sheep is it is designed and built from the ground up. Owning the equipment where most others only rent or lease their servers.

If you don’t own the equipment you need how do you tweak it to make final little adjustments to keep you above the rest. Simple you can’t and that is why WPX hosting shines and rises above the rest.

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Now if you are on a budget or have let’s say less than 10,000 monthly visitors WPX hosting is probably not the best selection for you. It’s 3x dearer then the other hostings we mention below but in saying that will 3x your website speed hands down.

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You get increased torque and responsive control also with the gears. 

Our Second Choice for an Alternative To Dreamhost:

SiteGround WordPress Hosting

siteground pricingThis is our second choice for a great alternative to Dreamhost and is much cheaper over our top choice WPX Hosting.

You will find that this is best suited for those who don’t need an ultra-high-speed network and not quite at the scale of running tons of traffic volume just yet.

Siteground is based on a shared hosting system and is great for newbies starting out, low to mid-range traffickers and not looking to spend a ton of money.

Siteground has a choice of three plans to choose from and the starter plan kicks-off at only $3.95 per month.

The basic plan is great for those who is only ever going to have just one website. All of Siteground plans come with FREE SSL certificates, up to 10,000 monthly visitors and 10 GB of web space storage.

With the other plans the Growbig and Gogeek they also come with their own extra features and perks. You want value, we recommend going for the Growbig plan.

It has all the essential features you get with all the plans as well as the premium features like unlimited website hostings, unlimited traffic and if you are moving providers free site migration.

That there will save many headaches, been there done that.

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Our Third Choice for a Good Alternative To Dreamhost:

Bluehost WordPress Hosting

bluehost best priceThis is our third choice for a great website hosting for your WordPress blog or website. Bluehost and Siteground are both recommended by WordPress as an approved hosting provider for your website.

Bluehost plans start off at only $2.95 per month on their starting plan.

The Choice plan is their most popular plan to go for but in saying that, at the time of writing this article, Bluehost had an awesome deal where for an extra dime you can upgrade to the Choice Plus plan.

Now if this plan is still valid by the time you are reading this, my recommendation is to snag the Choice Plus. You are getting true value there for sure.

All Bluehost plans come with free SSL certificates and with the chosen plan and up you also get unlimited domain hostings, unlimited storage and many other features over their basic start-up package.

Final Thoughts

These are our top 3 choices for a better alternative over Dreamhost hosting. If speed and heavy traffic hosting is high on your list WPX hosting if your choice of candy.

Between Bluehost and Siteground I suggest Siteground for their better customer service and support.

Pricing Bluehost wins this with the cheapest starting plan at only $2.95. One drawback I don’t like about Bluehost is they don’t offer site migration when transferring from another platform.

Any of these hosting providers will do you well and I don’t have any problems recommending any of them from my own personel experiences.

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