How To Check If A Expired Domain Is Banned From Google

Before adding any domain to your PB network you need to know How To Check If A Expired Domain Is Banned From Google first.

If you are wondering… How to check if an expired domain to see if it’s toxic… Has it been banned or blacklisted by Google… Been marked for spam… Then this message is just for you. Here’s why…

There is a way that you can test your newly purchased expired domain to see if it does have a flag against it.

No matter what tools you use, SEMrush, Majestics, Ahrefs… none of those tools will tell you. The only true way is to ask Google her self.

This should be the very first thing you do before you start building out your site, adding content to anything. Because the site is flagged you be wasting your time building it out as it won’t get indexed.

So once you have set up all the relevant hostings and pointed the CDNs correctly and your site and is live on WordPress.

I recommend to use a proxy here for this part and is the main key here. I use hide my ass.

 How To Check If A Expired Domain Is Banned From Google

Follow these steps and you will find out before it’s too late if the newly purchased expired domain is toxic.

You will want to be signed out of all Google Gmail accounts and use another search engine like Opera or Brave.

And never ever use your normal Gmail and use the Google search console with it when performing this task.

You should already know how to set up a persona and use phone verified Gmail accounts when setting up your registrar for all your PBN use.

With proxy on, I just use Yoast for this part. Install the Yoast plugin and go to webmaster tools.

I use the Opera platform so go ahead and open it up as well.

Now in Yoast webmaster right click on the Google search console and save the link so you can open it in Opera.

It should open the main Google sign-in page where you will log in with your newly made Google Gmail phone verified account that you made or purchased.

Even use your partners or kids. Whichever, but once used never use it again to do this test.

Log in and you will land on the Google search console. Then go through the steps as you normally would to claim your property.

Now once you have connected the two together, Yoast and search console.

Then go to the property. This is where you will find out if the domain is spammed or good to go.

If you see red that isn’t a good sign. You will find that it’s been blacklisted and pretty much worthless.

You can use it for Bing if you really want but in this post, we are only looking at Google.

And that is it. You will ever get a green light or the red spam. Google is the only one who can tell you this. No tools, no other backlink searches.

I have had cheap .info domains with average metrics and been used to push penis enlargement pills and still rank well in the SERPs and passes this test.

This isn’t the holy grail of tests, you still need to carry out your normal tests as well as your own due diligence but this is the first you need to do before you start building the site out.

How To Check If A Expired Domain Is Banned From Google