Which Web Hosting Is Best For You Siteground Vs Inmotion

If you can’t decide which to be the best-suited host for you, this comparo of Siteground Vs Inmotion is just for you… so in this article, we’re going to be covering the following two web host companies.

We’re going to go over the price and discounts, to uptime speed ratios and guarantees.

Their speeds their Cpanel and whether or not they have a Cpanel and their customer support performance.

Then after that which I’m going to give you my final thoughts about them and then give you a recommendation.

Siteground vs Inmotion Comparision

Siteground vs InmotionSo we will be starting with Sitegrounds plans.

With Siteround you have the startup plan, grow big plan and the go geek plan.

The start-up retails at four bucks a month which shoots back up to fourteen dollars a month.

So what do get with this?

You get one website within 10 gigabytes of web space and 10,000 visits monthly on top of that you do get essential features.

The essential features, you get a free website builder unmetered traffic and 24/7 support and free Cloudflare CDN and free SSL and HTTPS.

Also, you will get unlimited MySQL and 30 days money-back guarantee.

With free daily backup solution, free email accounts, and Cpanel and secure shared hosting.

So on top of that, that’s pretty much it.

For the grow big plan you’re going to be getting the same with startup except you do get unlimited websites.

You also get 20 gigabytes of web space and 20,000 visitors monthly.

That is a good deal and it is their best and most popular plan.

On top of the essential features, you do get what we call the premium features.

So for premium features, you start getting priority technical support, a super casher for better website loading speeds.

Free backup, free storage, and free site transfer.

You get all that for just under $6 bucks a month and once the honeymoon plan is over goes back up to its regular price $20 per month.

Now, the ultimate shared hosting plan they have is called a go geek and that runs for $12 bucks a month.

The regular price is normally about $35 per month.

You get the same deal as the grow big plan with unlimited websites and all the essentials except you get 30 gigabytes of webspace and hundred thousand monthly visits.

So on top of the essential and premium features, you start getting the geeky features.

So you do get few accounts on the server that you’re using.

Meaning ti’s going to be fewer customers that are sharing the same server.

So you get PCI compliance servers.

WordPress and Joomla staging and one-click get repo creation and free backups on demand.

So anytime you want to back up just hit the button and if you’re a go geek customer you’ll be good to go.

Now, of course, these prices are quite steep, I know… so the best thing to do is if you want to sign up with Siteground click on the blue button below for an even better deal.


Uptime guaranteeSiteground claim their uptime guarantee is 99.99% and in my experience that has been very very true.

So, of course, I’ve had the occasional downtime and from my experience and knowledge, there never will be a platform that can guarantee 100% uptimes.

With the test money site that we have hosted with Siteground honestly, it has not bothered me that much since it wasn’t for a long duration.

So what Siteground did for me was kept me in the loop of what was assured that it was going to go back up soon, which of course it was.

So really not much downtime happens except for the fact that there’s going be some maintenance upgrades or updates for their server and basically once that’s done you’re not going to have any problems afterward.


if you have thousands of visitors to your site every single day or more than I highly recommend you go with WPX Hosting.

WPX Hosting is a WordPress dedicated hosting company and they’re very fast and very stable and reliable in terms of having high traffic websites.

So if you want to snag a deal with them, easy, just click on the button below so you can sign up with them.

Now If you don’t have that amount of visitors to your site every single day Siteground will work just fine for your needs.


The good news is starting from the startup plan of Siteground you already get the traditional Cpanel, which is very handy and useful and it’s not that much different from other see panels and other hosting companies offer.

Siteground customer support.

siteground customer support memberYou have two options. And those are going to be the sales assistants and technical support.

Sales assistants are if you don’t have an account yet and you’re interested in them, you can just contact sales assistants.

If you already have an account with them the technical support is very reliable.

You’re not going to have to wait long to get in touch with an actual person.

My experience they have been very proactive and they’ve been very reliable with the way they respond to my questions and queries.

At times there is a queue, but of course, it’s not going to be that long compared to other hosting company’s support team.

So very well done with Sitegrounds support.


Inmotion has 3 shared hosting plans you can opt-in for and they are Launch, power, and pro.

These are much more expensive right off the bat, but they work out cheaper in the long term.

With the launch plan that is a touch over $6 bucks a month for the initial plan on a 2-year contract or $7.46 for 12 months plan payment.

You get two websites, free domain, and unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

On top of that do get unlimited email, free marketing tools, free security Suite and free SSL.

So in all its not a bad deal for the most basic plan.

For the power plan, it’s going to cost you $8.49 per month which goes back up to about $10 bucks a month.

You do get six websites with it, a free domain and the same disk space and bandwidth and email which is all unlimited.

You get twice the performance rating, marketing tools, security suite, and free SSL certificate as well.

All of this you get for just over $8 bucks a month.

Now the pro plan is about the same as the power except for the following.

Instead of twice the performance, you are going to get four times the performance and you get pro-level support.

So what that means is you’re going to be on a high priority on your key time with regards to contacting support and that is always nice to have.


Inmotion uptime also offers you a 99.99% uptime guarantee and in my experience that has been very very accurate as well.

So not a lot of difference versus Siteground there.

The downtime will always occur of course with an upgrade or maintenance with their server. So not much to complain about there and of course their support team has been very helpful with that matter.


Now for Speed, as I said earlier if you have thousands or more visitors to your site every single day WPX Hosting is the way to go.

Although they are only WordPress exclusive hosting companies for page load times and handling large traffic volumes they are rock solid.

If you have less than that Siteground is my recommendation for the best speed possible.

Although they are going to be much more expensive than Inmotion hosting and my experience I feel you do get better performance with them.


Now for the Cpanel in-motion hosting luckily has a Cpanel as well to just mention it, but the disadvantage is your not getting the traditional cPanel with shared business hosting.

You are going to be getting that with your dedicated cPanel hosting options.

So if you want the cPanel you have to check out the cPanel hosting.

If you’re fine not needing it, shared business hosting will work just fine for you and finally their customer support.

Customer Support

They have three options, sales chat, Skype and a phone number to call

Also, they have a support center, which is very helpful with a lot of talks and knowledge base guides.

So what’s good about them is you do get the freedom of actually contacting them via Skype if that is your preferred communication portal.

From my experience that has been pretty good and I have not had any issues so far with the support team except but like with Siteground and 99% of all services, there can be a queue time.

For these service quality, it’s about the same between these two hosting companies and not much to say about them in this area.

Siteground Vs Inmotion Conclusion

So now it’s time to wrap up our review and comparison of Siteground vs Inmotion.

So ultimately who wins this Siteground vs Inmotion shootout

My clear winner here is Siteground, just because they have a lot to offer and also comes as a preferred web host from WordPress.org

As I said you do get additional features with each plan compared to Inmotion, which hasn’t laid out for all of these features in the plans.

So it’s like you’re just paying for extra traffic or extra bandwidth and extra sites.

So that’s quite a difference, but with Inmotion, you do get better processing power.

To get the same you have to go with Sitegrounds top plan the go geek to get similar performance.

Advantage of Siteground is if you want the traditional cPanel across there 3 shared hosting plans and also get SSH which is secure shell hosting and that’s a very very good thing to have right off the bat.

So in my book, Siteground vs Inmotion… Siteground wins the battle between the two.

But, here’s the kicker

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