WPX Hosting Vs Bluehost Cloud Hosting: Is WPX Hosting Still The Best? You be The Judge….

If you can’t decide which is better for your website… then this Bluehost cloud hosting Vs WPX Hosting comparison is just for you. Here’s why…

Comparing two web hosts isn’t an easy task especially when you have to titans on the industry to compare.

woman sitting with laptopSo to help you out I’ve decided to do this WPX Hosting Vs Bluehost Cloud Hosting comparison to help you decide on which is the best host for you.

Hey guys Alicia here and welcome… I’m here to help you to decide which is the best web hosting service for your website.

I want to add that my number 1 preferred web hosting is WPX Hosting… I’ve been using them for quite a while now and I’m more than happy with their ultra-fast load times, real-time pricing and having the superfast customer service.

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Our Quick Summary

WPX Hosting wins this comparison. It’s very hard to beat WPX Hosting these days, their speed and expert support are the leaders in the industry. Not to mention they have built there very own entire system from the ground using the latest equipment and SSD servers.


We cover the following aspects:

History and general introduction

A general overview of how and where they both started


We compare the price of the plans, show you the main features.


We talk about the different support options both web hosting services offer.


We check both the average uptime and response time of both web hosts and seeing where they rank compared to the industry average.

Ease of Use

We compare the control panels of both hosts. Do they use the industry-standard cPanel or their own custom-built system?

Bluehost Cloud Hosting vs WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting Vs Bluehost Cloud HostingWPX Hosting Vs Bluehost Cloud Hosting


Bluehost was founded way back in 1996. Today Bluehost has become one of the greater shared Linux hosting service providers on the market.

At the very beginning, Bluehost had only ever one shared hosting package that was on offer to all their customers. Their motto was to provide the best service at the cheapest price.

In 2015 Bluehost sold out to Endurance International Group(EIG) which owns a majority of web hosts on the market.

Now in 2019 they have over 2 million domains hosted with them and have over 700 staff members working at their Provo, UT headquarters

WPX Hosting is relatively new to the web site SEO hosting world but the founder Terry Kyle has been involved in online businesses way back in 1998.

Terry after many years of trying and testing other hosting providers and consistently being let down of buying hosting with the over-delivery promise but receiving very under-delivery performance.

Fed up and frustrated that was when Terry launched his very own cloud base web hosting in 2013.

When Terry developed WPX hosting he had three objectives it has to do.

  1. To provide you with superior page loading SPEED through brand new high-spec SSD servers.
  2. To offer you 24/7/365 Live Chat/Ticket SUPPORT through experienced WordPress support agents.
  3. To ensure jargon-free SIMPLICITY for you so everything is laid out in laymen’s terms.

When choosing your hosting provider isn’t one of the sexiest things when building out your website, but choosing wrongly can in fact do more harm than good.

Knowing the pros and cons of WPX WordPress Hosting and Bluehost Cloud WordPress hosting will go along way when the time comes for you when its time for the credit card to come out.

Below in this side-by-side comparison of the two companies is based on pricing, support, performance/speed, and ease of use.

Bluehost Cloud Hosting vs WPX Hosting Performance Hosting Plan Prices

Pricing – Bluehost Wins

WPX Hosting Vs Bluehost Cloud Hosting For SEO 2019Bluehost’s cloud starter hosting starts at $8.95 per month. The starter plan includes 100GB of storage space, 1 free domain, 1 website hosting, 100 email accounts just to name a few. You can check out the full features of the cloud starter plan here as well as the other two plans available from the Bluehost cloud.

Value for money, with only ever needing just the 1 website it’s very hard beating the value of this plan and is a very good deal available at the time of writing.

You do have another two options to choose from the Performance Plan and Business Pro Plan.

Both these plans allow unlimited website hostings, unlimited storage as well as unlimited email storage and comes with local caching and global CDN and at $11.95 and $20.95 consecutively per month on a 12-month plan.

WPX hosting Business plan is their starter plan. Included you get 5 website hostings, 100 GB of bandwidth, WPX free cloud CDN which is their very owned custom-built network by the way.

Also included with all of WPX Hostings plans are FREE SSL certificates for all hosted websites,

High-speed, custom CDN  Unlimited Site Migrations*  Unlimited SSLs
24/7 Fast-response Support  Staging Area  Email  Manual Backups
DDoS Protection  Malware Scanning & Removal  PHP 7.X  HTTPS/2
30 Day Money-Back ● 28 Day Automatic Backups ● 99.95% Uptime Guarantee
1-Click WordPress Installations ● USA + UK Hosting locations

WPX Hosting also has the Professional Plan and the Elite web hosting plan, suited for the serious webmaster or SEO business.

The professional allows for 15 websites hosting where the Elite allows for 25. WPX Hosting is the only web hosting that Thrives themes uses and recommends to use with their themes and packages.

For nwebit.com readers we have worked a deal where you can get 2 months free web hosting with all 12-month web hosting across all 3 plans.

The most popular plan we use and recommend is the Professional Plan. Click on the link below for the latest pricing and to snag our special offer deal of getting 2 months free hosting…

Support – WPX Hostings Wins

When it comes to customer support, WPX Hosting is in a class of their own when it comes to support and web hosting providers.

If you have a query, problem or even just a question about the services you have, you can rest assured that those behind the scenes connecting all the sots will be there to help you straight away.

With the fastest live chat support, we have ever seen you can expect to be contacted by a WPX Hosting expert within an average response time of just 32 seconds.

Having 24-7 around the clock live chat support as shit does happen at times, the experience and knowledge of the support agent have got you covered at any moment you need it.

If you are moving from another web hosting vendor WPX Hosting will migrate your websites over to them for free. This is one feature that Bluehost doesn’t perform for free but so at an extra cost of around $45/website.

Bluehost does offer great reliable and consistent customer support services to you. We have found that their experts are available around the clock, though not always through a live chat to which I find to be a little annoying as it is instant results.

You can also connect with Bluehost through either ticket, phone, and email contact points.

The reviews and customer’s opinions are generally positive about their experience in all aspects of hosting services from Bluehost.

Speed – WPX Hosting Wins

When it comes to site load speed, it is hard to any better than WPX Hosting. Thanks to its speed and general hosting performances WPX Hosting is consistently at the top of the list of fast web hosting providers.

In fact WPX Hosting is the only hosting provider that is used and recommended by Thrive Themes and is also used by webmaster and SEO gurus like Matthew Woodward, Matt Diggity, and Franklin Hatchett just to name a few.

WPX Hosting is also voted #1 by both Trustpilot and G2 Crowd. Using their custom-built WP CDN Cloud will give you blazing fast website load speeds and will 3x your site speed instantly.

WPX Hosting has data centers spread across six continents with over 20 worldwide locations. So is doesn’t matter if you are looking for a hosting provider in Australia, Singapore or even the UK, WPX Hosting has you covered.

99.95% uptime guarantee – it’ll be rare if your site ever goes down and with the option of either USA or UK hosting locations, just choose the closest to your targeted audiences.

Ease of Use – Its A Tie

On the backend side of things, the main key differences here between WPX Hosting and Bluehost hosting are their control panels.

WPX hosting uses there own custom design where the industry standard is the standard c-panel style like Bluehost offers.

If you are used to the standard c-panel it may be a little frustrating for experienced webmasters when getting your head around their layout.

Once you have spent a bit of time on the platform, you won’t go back to the standard industry c-panel, trust me on that a one.

Bluehost uses the standard industry c-panel system. Thanks to its drag-n-drop features it makes using pretty simple and easy to use as well.

You can build your website with WordPress 1-click WordPress install and take advantage of an ample security package and their CDN

Conclusion – WPX Hosting Wins

Bluehost Cloud Hosting vs WPX Hosting both have established itself as a brand to be trusted, but when it comes to deciding which one is better, we have to recommend WPX Hosting. Its striking load speeds, consumer support, and competitive pricing making it one of the best choices for your web hosting needs.

With a full 30-day money-back guarantee on offer from purchase date, you can see why it’s a no-brainer of a choice.

While WPX Hosting does finish comfortably ahead in this side by sider, Bluehost has too got some good points not to be missed.

If you are on a budget Bluehost with its starter plan is the best option or just testing the cloud hosting thingy, then it may be the choice for you. It is also worth the mention that Bluehost also offers the same money-back guarantee, too.

You can read more about WPX hosting here which is our in-depth review and tell you everything you need to know about it


Update 2020

WPX Hosting Vs Bluehost Cloud Hosting Introduction

Bluehost is among one of the bigger players in the hosting industry and are well known for there cheap shared starter hosting plans. WPX Hosting is fairly new to the world of web hosting. They first came on the scene back in 2013 and have really turned some heads in that time.

Terry Kyle and Georgi Petrov have fastly made a name for themselves as being the FASTEST web hosting provider on the market with rapid support service, high security, and very well priced plans.

Bluehost was founded in 2013 and currently hosts more than two million domains have more than 700 employees at their Provo, UT headquarters.

They have gained traction and made a name for themselves on reliability, uptime, and customer service. Over the last few years, Bluehost has also partnered with WordPress, showing its commitment to the open-source community.

WPX Hosting Vs Bluehost Cloud Hosting Pricing – Tie

Bluehost wins this little battle of being cheaper out of the two, but only just and here’s why.

Bluehost starter plan starts off at $10.95 per month based on a 12-month plan. That entitles you to have just 1 website 100 GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth.

They also have Performance and Business Pro plans which start at $15.95 and $20.95 consecutively. See the image below of the up-sells

WPX Hostings starter plan is called Business plan and that starts at $20.83 per month on a 12 month plan and that includes hosting for 5 websites 10GB of storage and 100 GB bandwidth.

The other two plans are Professional and Elite, and their pricings are $41.58 and $83.25. The Professional plan is there most popular but depending on how many sites you have will determine which plan to choose.

See the plan pricing image below for instant comparing differences

WPX Hosting Vs Bluehost Cloud Hosting

Support – WPX Hosting Wins

WPX Hosting are one of the best for customer support in the web hosting industry. That was one of the key main elements that the owners wanted as a must-have when they first deployed.

Thanks to their live chat which operates 24-7 or their ticket system you can rest assured no matter how minor or major your question or problem or problems are you will have the best support from one of there friendly very knowledgable representatives.

All the support team is fully trained to be experts on everything to do with WordPress.

WPX Hosting has a reputation of having the average fastest response time on a chat across all the platforms. Due to their glowing reviews when it comes to customer feedback It is no wonder that they boast award-winning technical support.

Bluehost also has 24-7 live chat services when it comes to resolving a problem or question you may have. You can contact them either via live chat, ticket or phone

As with WPX Hosting, their website offers user forums, video tutorials, and a knowledge base to answer any questions.

WPX Hosting Vs Bluehost Cloud Hosting Speed – WPX Hosting Wins

If you are looking for the Ferrari in web hosting then this is for you. WPX Hosting has made a name for its self as being the FASTEST host on the market as well as its general hosting performances.

When have people like Shane from Thrive Themes only recommend WPX Hosting as preferred hosting for their product?

Or these test results that Matthew Woodward did when he compared some of the biggest hosting providers in the market against WPX Hosting, the results speak for them selfs.

Bluehost is comparably fast, and with a great past 12 months of having a 99.98% uptime, they are slowly certainly starting to get their shit together again from when being purchased by Endurance International Group.

No doubt Bluehost cloud will be a force to be reconned with in the future, but today WPX Hosting is the Usain Bolt in site load speed and see here for more proof


WPX Hosting Vs Bluehost Cloud Hosting Wrap-up

The duel between these two powerhouses is a tuff one. What lets Bluehost down is their customer support and more the pricing. The amount of up-sells that is required over the list pricing is what blue it away.

Things like site migration should be free where Bluehost still charges you $49 per site. Your $10.95 per month plan can very fastly become a $25 dollar plan just by adding an extra website to the plan.

Sourcing the cheapest plan doesn’t mean it will the cheapest option overall. This is why we use and recommend WPX Hosting. Its clear cut, what you see is what you get and at only 20.83 per month, you can see why its a no-brainer over Bluehost.

Want to try it for Free? WPX hosting has a 30-day money-back guarantee, so click on the link below, give them a test ride and if you’re not happy in any way, get onto support, submit a ticket and you will be refunded fully no questions asked. Providing you are in the 30 day period.

Just click on the link below or tap on the image below…

WPX Hosting Vs Bluehost Cloud Hosting