SiteGround vs iPage Web Hosting Comparison 2020

Hey guys and welcome, I’m Alaica and welcome to another article on web hosting… if you are looking to see which is the better web host Siteground vs Page… then this post is just for you.

My aim is to try and help you to decide on the best hosting service for your website.

And to make your search much easier I’ve decided to make some comparisons on some of the best hosting services on the market today.

This article will give you an overview of our latest comparison between Siteground vs iPage hosting.

We’ll be checking out all their pros and cons.

Also, I want to add that my number 1 web hosting provider by choice is WPX Hosting.

I’ve been using them for a while now and I’m more than happy.

However, let’s see how these two providers stack up against each other in terms of features and functionality.

Whether you’re a business owner or an individual owning a website can be a huge step especially if you don’t know where to begin.

In our reviews, we cover the most important aspects that are best needed for your website.

Siteground Vs Page: Here’s what to know

Siteground hosting holds a good reputation on the market as being one of the best alternatives over WordPress hosting.

They have excellent security an some of the greatest speeds in the business.

Located in Bulgaria, Siteground was founded back in 2004 and ever since it’s been one of the leaders in the hosting industry.

They have offices in six locations with three data centers around the world.

What the company prides itself on the most is its excellent customer service. In fact, it may very well be maybe one of the best in the business.

However, as with just about any other hosting provider, Siteground does have some weaknesses.

We will go over them later.

SiteGround vs iPage Web HostingIpage is another great web host provider that dates back all the way to 1998.

The company has experience which is why they still rank very high on the web hosting market for all those years.

They host over a million websites on two data centers which are both located in the United States.

Ipage web hosting solutions offer affordable hosting for website owners and their default plans come with many features.

There is a lot of advantages with iPage and of course several disadvantages to which we will cover.

Compared to Siteground, lets see how iPage vs siteground stacks up in terms of

  • Speed
  • Features
  • Uptimes
  • cPanel
  • Support
  • And other important criteria.

Ipage offers several types of hosting and most of their core plans are well equipped with important features.

The most important ones are the scalable bandwidth unlimited storage, free SSL certificates,  free domain transfer and a whole year without having to pay for a domain providing you don’t cancel your policy.

However, they do lack some features that siteground has on offer.

This provider is cheap but to get the maximum experience with all of their features, you might have to pay for them separately.

Another thing iPage uses as an alternative version for a control panel called vDeck.

SiteGround vs iPage Web HostingI feel vDeck panel isn’t quite as strong as cPanel but I could be little bias here as I prefer cPanel.

Overall the company has on offer four types of hostings which include Web, VPS, Dedicated and WordPress.

Compared to Siteground where they offer Web, Cloud, WordPress, and Woo-commerce hosting and for an affordable price. You can also choose to get a dedicated IP address.

The company most praised feature with WordPress hosting and Siteground is directly recommended by as one of the best alternatives to WordPress hosting.

They offer everything from free security packages to E-commerce solutions.

Suited for both beginner and experienced webmasters

Siteground Cloud

Siteground cloud hosting offers dedicated IP address, free SSL encryption certificate, free Cloudflare CDN, private DNS, as well as free regular backups.

They also offer a free website build that is so easy to use and navigate, not only but also a custumized user friendly web-based cPanel.

When choosing and searching for a web hosting company you’ve gotta keep a keen eye on the overall performance and reliability of the provider.

Choosing wrong could run the risk of losing potential website visitors due to downtimes, bad speeds and sudden website crashes.


Good news for you both Siteground and iPage rank well in terms of speed and uptimes.

Siteground is slightly ahead with an amazing 99.99% guarantee uptime and overall speed of just 713 milliseconds.

Ipage is also above the market average with a 99.97% uptime and 787-millisecond overall speed.

When it comes down to security, you’ll be pretty hard-pressed going past Siteground. They’re loaded with security features with most already included in their pricing plans for free.

Siteground will automatically protect your website with free daily backup, free SSL certificates as well as their AI Bot prevention tool.

For an extra couple bucks more a month you can there SG site scanner tool that will scan your website for possible vulnerabilities and alert you if it does find anything.

Ipage also offers enhanced security features but the problem with them is most of the tools come at an extra cost over the standard plan pricing.

Say like if you need or want backups either daily or many times in a day you’ll have to pay more for that privilege.

They also offer their site lock support which scans your site for malware and can protect your site from hackers.

siteground vs ipage Support

Having good customer support is crucial especially if you’re new to all this web hosting and site-building stuff. No doubt you will be having a ton of questions and not a lot of time to be solving them.

Both iPage and Siteground offer good customer support and very helpful, but at the times of testing, Ipage seemed to be a bit slower.

SiteGround vs iPage Web HostingIf you use their live chat, phone support or ticket system, the team will try and do their best to solve any problems of queries you may have.

Also its worth mentioning that they both have an outstanding knowledge base, how-to, and tutorials with so much information and golden nuggets among it all. Ideal for those who also like to DIY there own problems.

The response time and extremely helpful customer service of Siteground would have to possibly be one of the best support services on the market today.

Ipage is definitely a suitable choice for newcomers as most of the features of this hosting provider are simplistic and user-friendly.

Starting from the signup process and installation to they’re easy to use vDeck control panel iPage certainly provides for good user experience.

The same can be said for siteground as well.

The company enables a fast signup process and is very user-friendly.

What gives Siteground the clear advantage, in this case, is the cPanel compared to the vDeck.

The cPanel has many more options and it’s a more advanced panel.

Overall siteground vs ipage

Overall iPage in its essences is most suitable for novices rather than more experienced webmasters and site owners while siteground is a fitting choice for different types of users.

You can’t go cheaper than iPage.

That’s probably one of their main advantages. Currently, their cheapest offers start at only $1.99 per month USD. Although this is a price for their long-term subscriptions of one-two or three years.

If you decide on the shorter subscription the prices go up to $9.99 per month.

Refund Policy

Ipage refund policy is 30 days across their range of plans whereas Siteground refund policy is also 30 days on their shared hosting plans and 14 days on cloud hosting plan.

All plans you get a free domain, web site builder, free email addresses and SSL certificate as well as a 30-day refund policy.

Sitegrounds prices are more expensive although they offer different pricing plans depending on the service you require.

They do also offer the 30-day money-back guarantee and you get 14 days on their cloud hosting.

Their start-up plan prices start at $3.95 a month USD and then it goes up to $11.95 a month once the discount offer has finished and for that, you get the web, WordPress and woo-commerce hosting.

It’s difficult to claim which of the two hosting providers is better here both Ipage and Siteground are ranked high on the market, but they have some significant differences.

What’s important is that these two providers are good value for the money and meet their user’s needs.

Choosing a suitable hosting provider relies on your individual preferences and goals.

Both of these web hosts will serve you well and recommend them both for those who have low traffic visitors to your site.

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