Want The Fastest Web Hosting For Your Photography Website Than You Need WPX Hosting

If you are looking for the best web hosting for your photography website you are in the right place. We will guide you through and tell you what we consider to be the best and fastest web hosting that is perfect for your photography blog or website.

In this post, we will cover these main key points and they are as follows.

History and general introduction

Just some basic info about where and how WPX Hosting got started and grew into the company they are today.


Take you through the three plans that WPX Hosting has on offer as well as everything that is included.


We talk about the different support options that are available. Then we take suggestions from online user reviews about how well their support services actually work.


We check the average uptime and response time and where they rank compared to the industry standard. We also talk about potential custom scripts, configurations, or plugins they use to optimize the performance of their hosting services.

Ease of Use

We will take a look at the customs control panel and tell you why WPX Hosting developed its very own panel system over the industry-standard cPanel type.

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WPX Hosting Best For Photography Website Overview


WPX Hosting first came to light back in 2013 when Terry Kyle co-founder and Georgi Petrov got together after consistently being frustrated by the lack of support, speed, and complexity of overpriced and undelivered web hosting companies.

Their motto is to bring you the fastest, more efficient and user-friendly web hosting at the best possible pricing.

As they have grown over the years you type into Google, the fastest web hosting provider and you will notice that WPX hosting is consistently either on the top or not far from it.

There is a good reason for that and you are just about to find out why soon…

Pricing –

To keep things simple and easy, making a decision of which wpx hosting plan should you should get is simple maths.

You have three plans to choose from and below we will cover them all so you can make a better decision which is best for you.

See the image below and you will see that all the plans come with all the main features for free, whereas other platforms still charge you for SSL certificates or even site migration.

wpx hosting plans include free ssl

Choosing the right plan is simple, just click on the plan that you think is best suited for your website and go from there.

You can always upgrade or downgrade through the support live chat and you can also ask for directions to choosing which will be best for you.

The pricing you see is the final costs, NO up-sells, cross-sells or anything else like that. What you see is what you get.

Support –

When it comes to customer support, WPX Hosting has got your back. Whenever a problem arises you have access to their incredible well-knowledged WordPress support team by either live support chat or ticket.

With 24-7 support any little hiccup will be sought within a blink of an eye regardless of the problem or query you have with your services.

All of WPX Hosting support staff is fully trained regarding everything to do with WordPress, they all eat and breath WordPress and hosting.

Also, they also have a very in-depth knowledge base section where they have countless how-to articles and tutorials all for free, shit you don’t even have to be a member for the more general how-to stuff.


When it comes to speed, WPX Hosting is the Usain Bolt of the web hosting industry. Their custom-built WP cloud CDN super-chargers the page load speeds with consistent load times of well under a second.

Below is an abstract from Matthew Woodwards grueling testing he performed with some of the top web hostings platforms.

Test #1 – Image Heavy Site Loading Speed

This is how the test went

Matt took a heavy imagery blog site stall for each host and ran it through GTMetrix twice.

Often a site’s content is cached on the hosting server and CDN.

So he ran 2 passes of GTMetrix to make sure all caches were primed.

Then he tested each site from 7 global locations and averaged out the results.

This is what it looks like-

WPX Hosting Best For Photography Website

Test #1 Conclusions

 The clear winner here is WPX Hosting. 

But it’s fair to say that all of the hosts performed within acceptable levels in Canada and North America (except for Amazon EC2).

It’s only when you start taking a global look at things do you see dramatic differences in the load times.

But having globally fast loading times is critical in the modern economy.

WPX Hosting uptimes is set to the industry standard of 99.95% and after the past 12-months of testing, we have consistently maintained a 100% uptime so worrying about this lower range over others who guarantee 99.99% isn’t a problem.

Also, you will find that WPX hosting deliberately never overloads the servers to maintain high speeds and efficient hosting while testing and tweaking their own ground built Cloud CDN for maximum WordPress performance.

This is something that conventional CDN companies (who are not hosting companies) can’t, or simply won’t, do.

Ease of Use

Not running with the standard industry cPanel system WPX Hosting decided to design and make their very own panel. Using some of the features that you will find in standard c-panel so you are getting new with the old.

The main reasoning why they didn’t go with the industry standard is WPX Hosting is all about load page speed right.

For this reason, the standard industry cPanel significantly slows the performance of servers on which it is installed on.

So this will slow the load speed times giving you poor results, not what you want and need and signed up for right.

Installing WordPress is as simple as using the 1-click WordPress installation, and as always the support team will walk you through if it is your first time.

If you are moving from another platform take full advantage of their in-house free site migration, this is a huge headache saving and whereas others like Bluehost charge anywhere of $49 and up for this service.

Where To Buy WPX Hosting From?

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Looking at the customer reviews you will hardly find a negative comment or review anywhere on the web regarding this product.

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