How To Setup Your PBN Site For The Maximum Impact

So now we’re up to step 3  of our how to build a private blog network process and this post is all about setting up your site.

Just in case you missed step 2 or the first step

We’ve got a few different options here that we need to cover and we’ve got a few very important steps to take off to get the Maximum Impact from these domains

Now the first post in this series dealt with the most important domain registration and the 2nd post dealt with hosting.

So if you’re not sure about any of those details, you need to go back and read them as well.

But this page is all about the site configuration and the options including exactly how we’ll turn these sites into very useful assets from an SEO point of view.

how to build a private blog network SEO way

So with these expired domains that we found, we’ve basically got three main options.

The first is that you can use the newly purchased expired domain and as a repurposed money site.

Meaning that you have found a great domain with great backlinks in the niche that you want.

And because it’s very likely to have some established Authority even though it’s not owned at the moment.

You’re going to take that domain and you’re probably going to build a new site from scratch on it.


Copying over another site in the niche that you already own perhaps if you’re no longer using it.

Whichever you really don’t want that original content so site Rebuilder is not relevant for this purpose that old content from isn’t what we want for this site.

Next, you can just do a redirect 301 to your money site

Some may disagree here but the way I like to do it before I redirect the expired domain is to get it re-indexed by Google. Just use the details from when you purchased, install the site on WordPress and using a proxy set it up on the personas name Google search console.

Also, you need to do this before you even add it to your network. The ONLY way you can find out if the expired domain is toxic is by Google her self.

Watch this video here for more details about why you need to do this final test before you 301, or link to your money site.

Once its indexed just delete the property if you are going to 301 the expired domain.

What you need to do is be really really strategic and specific about your 301s.

One of the key rules here is to look for expired domains that have very high-quality links or even a link but very few of them.

The quickest way to throw up a red flag at Google and probably bring your side up for a manual review would be if you suddenly start 301ing a ton of backlinks 10,000 50,000 500,000 backlinks to your money site that would look very very strange very spammy

So what you want to do is keep it subtle keep it small and just 301 those expired domains that have a small number but very high-quality backlinks.

In general, just keep 301’s really down at 20% or even less of your expired domain.

Of course, a lot here depends on your backlink profile.

If you’ve already got a backlink profile of hundreds of thousands of links, probably not an issue, but if you’ve got a new site or a newly repurpose site, then keep it low.

Just so you don’t trigger any kind of red flag.

keep in mind also that three ones, unfortunately, do not have the consistent impact that they used to they can still work extremely well or in certain cases. They don’t work at all. There’s more than random nature.

Now the final way to use your newly expired domain is to rebuild them using HTML and pull the records from

These are not really PBNs anymore as they are not built on WordPress. The same principle tho.

This is a private site Network because we’re not using WordPress and these are not blogs typically.

A common question is can we add a link to our money site straight away or we need to wait until Google has re-index the site.

What I do and what I’ve always done is add the link straight away and can use an HTML editor.

I’m not going to go in-depth with HTML and using That is outside this post and I might make a post about in the future.

They are the 3 ways you can use your new expired purchased domain.

All you need to do is keep adding more and more of these sites and the beauty they don’t cost a fortune.

Each of these domains should be costing you something like seven to twelve dollars depending on the domain type the domain extension.

Getting some very cheap hosting going and that’s covered in the previous post and then just keep adding more of them.

Do the occasional 301 redirects and it could be that these links are going to a repurposed expired domain as well for extra juice.

So I think you can see it’s a pretty straightforward process and we don’t need to overthink it and make it complicated.

Cloud hosting to me is the future of PBN hosting. It eliminates the hassles of micro-hosting accounts, saves you time, money and headaches.

LaunchCDN takes the shared hosting concept and turbocharges it.

There is literally no setup at all and you can deploy hosting along with custom nameservers in about 15 seconds.

It also takes daily backups of your entire network, automatically protects against IP/Nameserver footprints and much much much more.

There you have a full guide on how to build a private blog network

how to build a private blog network