Dreamhost Vs Bluehost [BEST OF 2020]: Only One WINS

Hi there, Alicia from Web hosting solutions hear and I’m thrilled to provide you with a quick comparison between Bluehost Dreamhost and based on my personal experiences with them.

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Since web hosts are increasingly becoming a basic need for almost everyone today, whether you’re a beginner or professional webmaster.

It’s high time you learn how to sift the wheat from the chaff.

This post is going to provide you with a quick head to head comparison between Bluehost vs Dreamhost with the aim of helping you choose the most appropriate web host for your website’s needs.

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Dreamhost Vs Bluehost Overview

Deciding between Bluehost or Dreamhost isn’t easy it can sometimes feel like a hosting dilemma. This post provides you with summarized results for comparisons between Bluehost and Dreamhost shared hosting plans.

If you want more detailed ins and outs of either Dreamhost web hosting or Bluehost web hosting make sure to check out our full reviews on the homepage or by clicking here for Bluehost and here for Dreamhost.

Now, let’s get into this Bluehost Vs Dreamhost comparisons

bluehost vs dreamhostBluehost web hosting is easier to use and more user friendly than Dreamhost for WordPress. Even tho they are both recommended by WordPress as preferred shared hosting providers.

They feature cheap and beginner-friendly WordPress hosting which can be easily installed via the Cpanel control panel interface.

Moreover, they also have strong official backing by wordpress.org.

On website Speed and Performance.

I strongly recommend Bluehost WordPress hosting over Dreamhost hosting service.

On uptime performance and guarantee wise Dreamhost takes the cake.

Because Bluehost solidly backed uptime guarantee coupled with 1.6 our downtime yearly average doesn’t stand a chance of beating Dreamhost 100% uptime guarantee.

However, Bluehost beats Dreamhost by using high server performance-oriented features such as enterprise-level

SSD database storage and Cloudflare CDN.

On matters of security Dreamhost vs Bluehost, these two are in for a draw.

Both of these web hosts offer free let’s encrypt certificates with daily automatic backups for all your WordPress websites.

On the upside, Dreamhost goes that extra mile to provide users with an extra free 50-gigabyte space for backups.

Bluehost Vs Dreamhost Pricing

bluehost vs dreamhost pricingWhen it comes to the pricing and support of these two shared hosting companies. Its another draw on the pricing between Bluehost and Dreamhost.

Their pricing is negligibly different and is all within the market average.

They both offer free domain that can be included in their shared hosting plans, I still recommend to use a registry like Namecheap for your domain name registrations.

They offer better pricing as well you can hide your privacy details from your competition and you’re not tied to a web hosting company that you may hate.

Plus another thing is if you sign up on either of these hosting providers and take the free domain name offer and leave in the trial period, you will get a refund minus the domain name cost.

That cost can vary depending but normally around $20, making that free domain not free.

Dreamhost price for its basic hosting plans start at just $2.59 a month and Bluehost very similar at $2.95 a month for their WordPress hosting plans

Bluehost Vs Dreamhost Support

wordpress web hosting supportThe customer support team of the two only Bluehost offers one-on-one 24/7 support. However, both Dreamhost and Bluehost are both reachable through similar channels and also have excellent self-support sections for DIY lovers out there.

They both offer live chat, but Dreamhost is only available in-office hours and have to log in. So no account no live chat.

However, I find that Bluehost waiting time to be less compared to that of Dreamhost but that does really differ from day to day basis.

You are more likely to get quick handy feedback and support from the Bluehost support team.

Overall Bluehost scores highly for its Enterprise level SSD technology, user-friendly control panel and free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates.

Bluehost Vs Dreamhost Uptime Guarantee

web host dreamhost com uptime 100% guaranteeThis is where these two web hosting providers separate themself with the Bluehost vs Dreamhost uptime guarantee.

Bluehost while offers better support, fraction dearer in the cost of the plan structure they don’t have on record an uptime guarantee.

Going by what others are saying and testing they do have a pretty good uptime but nothing is concreted in whereas Dreamhost surprisingly has a 100% uptime guarantee.

That in its self sets the benchmark and way above the industry standard of 99.9%

Bluehost Vs Dreamhost Pros & Cons

Bluehost Pros

  • Bluehost has some pretty neat priced plans when starting off
  • Responsive 24/7/365 support service
  • Bluehost can be used for more than WordPress hosting.
  • Uses standard control panel
  • Free domain name

Bluehost Cons

  • Huge price increase when renewal time approaches
  • Bluehost doesn’t offer any uptime guarantee

Dreamhost Pros

  • Set price on the basic plan at a good offer at $2.59/month
  • 97 day money back guarantee
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Offer free domain


  • No support via phone
  • Live chat is governed by office hours

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While both Bluehost and Dreamhost are a great web hosting company, they’re really best suited for small or new websites with little traffic volume and for those who are not looking to host large imagery or files.

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